Bakhtawar Episode
5| HUM TV Drama | 14th August 2022

In the episode 5 Bakhtawar, when there is a
murder attempt on diwlawar his father is very upset and depressed and said that
Is Dilawar okay? In which hospital? Fine, I’m coming.What happened Mr. Mailk?
Tell me, what has happened? There has been a murderous attack on Dilawar. I’ll
also come with you. First I’ll go and check the situation.. I want to see my
son I’ll come with you.. Dilawar is fine.

hum tv drama bakhtawar is one of the most famous drama of HUM TV that is aired on every Sunday,  bakhtawar is to trending drama of hum tv, the latest episode of this drama is aired on 14th August Independence day only on Hum tv official youtube channel and on main stream media. 

In the episode 5 Bakhtwar, dilawar has lost lost
a lot of blood which is why he’s debilitated. Thank God someone tied a bandage
on his shoulder. Which is why he didn’t lose too much blood and his life got
saved. Can you come with me please? How come your duty which was from morning
till evening turn to a 24/7 duty? I am asking you something.. Answer my
question. I was getting worried. Where were you? I was at the police station. You
were at the police station? Is everything okay? Answer my question. Tell me
honestly, where were..You.. Mom, nothing has happened.. Listen.. You know quite
well..I don’t have anyone besides you in this world.. If anything happens to
you then I.. Oh mom.. Listen to me.

In the ep 5 dilawar you will see there isn’t
anything to worry about.. I’ll go and change my clothes and then I’ll tell you
everything in detail.. Nothing has happened. There’s nothing to worry about. Serve
the food, in fact I’m very hungry. The police didn’t only take me.. They took
all the people that were present there in their vans.. I testified and came
back home. I’ve heard these policemen are quite cruel. I hope they didn’t beat
you? Umhm! They didn’t even touch me. There were quite a lot of people there. But
mom.. I swear these people with authority are very ill mannered. If someone is
at fault or not, if someone is a sinner or not. They talk to everyone in an
abusive language. I was feeling very angry. May God punish these powerful
people. They have ruined the lives of poor people like us. Okay then. You also
listen to me very carefully.. You’re not going to your job from tomorrow on. But
why? No arguments. What I’ve said is final. But for what reason, mom?  It’s fine. I’ll clean people’s houses and
we’ll manage somehow. Then why am I working so hard? I have my admission in
college the day after tomorrow. Listen to me.. I told you, what I’ve said is

These all things are happens in the upcoming
episode of bakhtawar i.e ep 5 of bakhtawar you all see these things happening.
Bakhtawar episode 5 is very very interesting, HUM TV Bakhtawar will
aired in high definition. Watch earlier episodes of Bakhtawar here


Bakhtawar – Cast
& Characters

  • Yumna Zaidi as Bakhtawar
  • Noreen Gulwani as Naseema (Bakhtawar’s sister)
  • Noor ul Hassan as Razzaq (Bakhtawar’s s father)
  • Huma Nawab as Shareefa (Bakhtawar’s mother)
  • Adnan Shah Tipu as Hameed (Shareefa’s brother & Bakhtawar’s uncle)
  • Kauser Siddiqui as Hameed’s wife
  • Ali Wasi Kazmi as Ahad
  • Salma Asim as Sakina
  • Zaviyar Nauman
  • Mizna Waqas
  • Saqib Sumeer
  • Sunil Shankar
  • Babar Ali
  • Fazila Qazi
  • Qaiser
    Khan Nizamani
  • Sachal
  • Urooj
  • Shamoon
  • Sana Khan
  • Saima
  • Akhyar
  • Maryam
  • Mantasha
  • Maham
  • Khizar
  • Aslam
  • Anees


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