Meray Humnasheen
Episode 29 | Har Pal Geo Dramas | latest episode of meray humnasheen

In the episode 29 of Meray humnasheen you will
see that Khajista, look at this. Should I wear this dress at the annual dinner,
It is up to you. What do you mean it is up to me? Don’t you have any desire?
What will you wear. What happened, I have studied enough. The convocation will
be done next month, but you tell me. What happened now? Did that story of Hasan
getting beaten resurfaced.

Meray humnasheen is one of the most favorite
drama of har pal geo which is aired on two days in a week, it is one of the
most famous drama in Pakistan now a days.

In the latest episode of Meray humnasheen i.e
ep 29 of mere humnasheen you will see that Dr. Hadi proposed me, I said no. When
you have refused him and came back, then why do you have this sad face? Khajista,
whether you accept it or not, you didn’t take this decision with your heart. I
didn’t take it with my heart. We make a lot of decisions out of helplessness. The
helplessness that are the collar in our neck. We have to live with them, we
have to die with them. We have to live all our lives with that collar. They are
not called helplessness, they are called selfishness, Khajista. You don’t
understand. That cousin of yours, he and his entire family is fooling you.

In the episode 29 of Meray humnasheen you will
also see that they want to marry you and take over your father’s entire wealth.
You don’t understand. Are you this naïve or stupid? You don’t understand
whether I am stupid or I made a lot of promises and claims when I came. If I
even take one step towards Hadi, two steps behind me call out to me that in
future no Khajista will be able to step out. What is the new story you have
started between Hasan and Aima? Why are you after those two? What is wrong in
that. The decision of our marriage was taken by our parents, so tell me, did
something go wrong? Our time has passed. These are kids from today. What do you
mean kids of today.

In the ep 29 Meray humnasheen the day was very fantastic
it was the same in our time, our class fellows too got married out of love, we
didn’t take any inspiration from them. What do you mean? So will you take the
revenge for this from your children?. What? What did you say? Shaharyar,
please. One of my son has already left home and living in the hostel and he has
not even come home for so long. I don’t want to lose my other son. What sort of
a father are you? Like every father should be. Whatever Hadi wants, do you have
any idea, what sort of people they are? They give threats on every small thing.
Should I get my grown up son killed? I am not saying that, but this doesn’t
mean that you scold him and ask him to leave the house. So, what else could I
have done? Gotten happy and taken the proposal?

Mere Humnasheen –
Cast & Characters

  • Ahsan Khan as Darakhzai.
  • Hiba Bukhari as Khajista.
  • Momina Iqbal as Shanzay.
  • Shahzad Sheikh as Hadi.
  • Haris Waheed as Hasan (Hadi’s brother)
  • Farhan Ally Agha as Dr. Shahryar (Hadi’s father)
  • Salma Hassan as Dr. Sabika (Hadi’s mother)
  • Moomal Khalid as Aima (Hadi’s cousin)

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