Mere humnasheen episode
32 | Har pal geo drama | ep 32 mere humnasheen

In the episode 32 mere humnasheen you will see
that bia ask to her husband It is not an old story. The doctor that came with
Khajista in the dispensary. Leave it Khan, why dwell on the past? Why should I
leave it? I will ask her. Yes, go ahead. You especially called Darakhzai that
day and sent tea. Why didn’t you go yourself? Why didn’t you ask uncle Sher? Tell
me, who told you to send Darakhzai? What am I asking you?

Why are you quiet? Answer my question. A doctor
came with them. He said something to me. What? She was saying, that, she wants
to see Khajista’s fiancé, so that she can also see how he is and why she wants
freedom from him. Freedom? What freedom? Khajista wants to live there after
studies, she doesn’t want to live here. She wants to make a home in the city. She
doesn’t like Darakhzai. What nonsense is this? Brother, I am speaking the

Story review mere
humnasheen episode 32

I am telling you what she told me. She doesn’t
love Darakhzai. In fact, that doctor wanted that I call Darakhzai with an
excuse, so that he can make her understand with love. Brother, you don’t force
Khajista, let her do what she wants. Let her make her home. Be quiet! What you
have spoken today, if you say it again, then I will ask uncle and have you
skinned. Girl, get out of here. Get out. You say anything. She is stupid Khan, she
says anything.

What? What are you saying? The long calls you
used to make me and lecture me on youngsters, this meant you were trying to set
my mind? Sobia, try and understand what I am saying.

What do I try and understand? Tell me, what do
I try and understand? My daughter has been waiting for Hadi for five years and
today you are saying to me, both their minds don’t match. When you were fixing
the relation, where did the minds go then?

Mere humnasheen is one of the best Pakistan drama
and is one of the most top trending drama of har pal geo, geo tv dramans. Try
and understand that Hadi was never mentally ready for this relation. Why should
my daughter suffer for your mistakes? My in-laws will also question  me.

Mere humnasheen episode 32 is very interesting and
you will see lots of things in this episode. When they ask me, what will I say
to them? That my daughter was waiting for Hadi for five years, and today my
brother said this to me. Sobia, try and understand. Shaharyar has tried his
best to convince Hadi, but he is not willing for this wedding. It would be
better that you don’t interfere. You know what your problem is? The problem
with you people is that you don’t have a daughter,

Mere Humnasheen –
Cast & Characters

  • Ahsan Khan as Darakhzai.
  • Hiba Bukhari as Khajista.
  • Momina Iqbal as Shanzay.
  • Shahzad Sheikh as Hadi.
  • Haris Waheed as Hasan (Hadi’s brother)
  • Farhan Ally Agha as Dr. Shahryar (Hadi’s father)
  • Salma Hassan as Dr. Sabika (Hadi’s mother)
  • Moomal Khalid as Aima (Hadi’s cousin)


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