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Badzaat Drama Last Episode, ep 43 badzaat, episode 43 badzaat


Badzaat Drama Last Episode, ep 43 badzaat, episode 43 badzaat, badzaat live har pal geo

In the last episode of drama serial Badzaat you will see that Wali friend said: My brother. I had told you, I will get you released as soon as possible. Wali thanks to his laywer and said, Mr. Laywer. You have supported me a lot. I will not forget it all my life.Wali, lets go straight home, aunt Mehwish is waiting. No. Come on, let’s go there straight.First I have to go somewhere else. Where do you have to go? You come on, I will tell you.

In the episode 43 of badzaad daniyal are you sitting there with a sad face? You should be happy, that mama is getting you marriedor else you would have had nothing. And God knows when Wali will get released.You know, if he had to live with you, he wouldn’t have left you alone and helpless with us.

Watch the live streaming of mere bazaad on sikhojanoo,  in the episode 43 of badzaat you will also see that How was he to know, that the woman he calls his mother, she is not even worthy of being called a woman. No need to argue! Get ready, come out and get out of our home. Wali, where are we going? Tell me something, buddy. My heart is sinking. I don’t know why I feel Biya is in some difficulty. Did you call Biya? Buddy, I tried but her number was off. Her number is off? No Anas, Biya’s number is never off.

Give me my phone. It was getting a lot of calls, I switched it off and kept it at home.

The 2nd last episode, ep 43 of badzaat is very very interesting and aired on har pal geo, you can see live dram badzaat here by on this page.  

Badzaat Drama Cast Name List

Badzaat drama cast is consisting of the big names of the film and television industry, which include Imran Ashraf, Ali Abbas, Zoya Nasir, Urwa Hocane, and Sidra Niazi performed some important roles in the drama. Check out the confirmed cast member’s name for Geo Tv drama Badzaat in the section below.

Geo Drama Dadzaat Cast

Imran Ashraf as


Urwa Hocane as

Anabiya [Bia]

Ali Abbas as


Sidra Niazi as


Zoya Nasir as


Danial Afzal as


Zohreh Amir as


Sajida Syed as


Saba Faisal as

Wali’s Mother

Zainab Qayyum as


Ayesha Mirza as


Mehmood Aslam as


Nida Mumtaz as



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