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Mere humnasheen episode 31 | Har pal geo drama | ep 31 mere humnasheen


Mere humnasheen episode 31 | Har pal geo drama | ep 31 mere humnasheen

In the episode 31 mere humnasheen you will see that just tell me one thing, are you really crying or do you have an eye infection. Will you listen to me seriously, or not? Okay go ahead. Why are you crying, by the way? You know Biya, I am very sensitive. My mother used to say that in my childhood, whoever I saw crying, I would cry myself. Think about it. Think.

If I cry in front of you, then? Then go and ask from your friend that what did he say to Khajista that she is going back leaving everything. What do you mean? Khajista is going back? Yes. She is going back and she has said that she won’t even attend the convocation. She said she will collect the degree later. But why? I came to ask you the question for this why.

Look, you don’t understand. If Khajista goes back, it will create a big issue. Mere humnasheen episode 32 you will also see in the episode that They all will get her married to her illiterate cousin. I cannot let this happen. Please try to understand. Go talk to that friend Hadi of yours. You can do it. I will talk to Hadi. Please. By the way, tell me something. Why do you cry hearing the news of anyone’s marriage? How is your wound now? Don’t change the topic. Fahad told me you are leaving. Why? The studies are complete. I came to study, that is why. But you still haven’t gotten your degree.

Mere humnasheen episode 31 review and detail.

We will see if I even have to do it or not. Don’t torture yourself so much Khajista. Understand what I am saying. It is not necessary that what we are thinking, what we want, the paths and the destination is paved the same way. Nature works on its own mechanism, we cannot make it work the way we want. It is possible. It is possible that nature might not deny my love, because nature is never a tyrant. It really cares about the heart. What clay  are made of? Why don’t you understand? I am made of the clay of love. Khajista, if you want to serve your territory then do it a hundred times.

No one will stop you. I will stand with you, I will serve them with you and now even dad is going to meet your Daji. Stop him. This… This… one minute. Don’t do this. Don’t leave my existence hanging between the oath and the heart. No. It is a really difficult decision. I need time. It is not an issue of time, it is an issue of my heart. If it takes long, it will stop. Wow. Wow. Wow. Today, you are really putting on makeup. Mere humnasheen is one of the top rank drama of har pal geo which is aired on two days in a week.

In the ep 31 mere humnasheen What is the matter? Why? Why would I tell you, even if there is something? Come on, go. Moray was calling you, she wants something done. Okay. So you remember Sanober when you have to share your sorrow. And when your heart has a secret you hide it from me? What secret? That is what you will tell me. I will tell you if there is something. Wait. I have to ask you something. I forgot to ask you when I got busy with work. A doctor came from the city, what did you tell him?

I don’t know any doctor. I don’t remember. I will remind you.

Mere Humnasheen – Cast & Characters

  • Ahsan Khan as Darakhzai.
  • Hiba Bukhari as Khajista.
  • Momina Iqbal as Shanzay.
  • Shahzad Sheikh as Hadi.
  • Haris Waheed as Hasan (Hadi's brother)
  • Farhan Ally Agha as Dr. Shahryar (Hadi's father)
  • Salma Hassan as Dr. Sabika (Hadi's mother)
  • Moomal Khalid as Aima (Hadi's cousin)












































It is not an old story. The doctor that came with Khajista in the dispensary.

Leave it Khan, why dwell on the past? Why should I leave it? I will ask her.

Yes, go ahead. You especially called Darakhzai that day and sent tea.

Why didn’t you go yourself? Why didn’t you ask uncle Sher?

Tell me, who told you to send Darakhzai? What am I asking you?

Why are you quiet? Answer my question. A doctor came with them. He said something to me.

What? She was saying, that, she wants to see Khajista’s fiancé,

so that she can also see how he is and why she wants freedom from him.

Freedom? What freedom? Khajista

wants to live there after studies, she doesn’t want to live here. She wants to make a home in the city.

She doesn’t like Darakhzai. What nonsense is this? Brother, I am speaking the truth.

I am telling you what she told me. She doesn’t love Darakhzai.

In fact, that doctor wanted that I call Darakhzai with an excuse,

so that he can make her understand with love. Brother,

you don’t force Khajista, let her do what she wants.

Let her make her home. Be quiet!

What you have spoken today, if you say it again, then I will ask uncle and have you skinned.

Girl, get out of here. Get out. You say anything. She is stupid Khan,

she says anything.

What? What are you saying? The long calls you used to make me and lecture me on youngsters,

this meant you were trying to set my mind? Sobia, try and understand what I am saying.

What do I try and understand? Tell me, what do I try and understand? My daughter has been waiting for Hadi for five years

and today you are saying to me, both their minds don’t match. When you were fixing the relation, where did the minds go then?

Try and understand that Hadi was never mentally ready for this relation. Why should my daughter suffer for your mistakes?

My in-laws will also question me. When they ask me, what will I say to them?

That my daughter was waiting for Hadi for five years, and today my brother said this to me.

Sobia, try and understand. Shaharyar has tried his best to convince Hadi,

but he is not willing for this wedding. It would be better that you don’t interfere.

You know what your problem is? The problem with you people is that you don’t have a daughter,

that is why you don’t have an idea. The daughter’s whose weddings get canceled, what their mother’s go through.

I have always considered Aima like my daughter. If you had considered her your daughter,

you would have cared for her emotions and feelings. She stayed with you people for so many years.

Hey, any blind man would be able to see her love for Hadi. Why didn’t you feel it?

Fine, I will get both of them married today, but if they cannot live happily and she doesn’t get her rights, then no one should complain to me.

I consider her like my daughter, that is why I am trying to save her from the troubles of the future.

Please understand. I understood, in fact, I understood it really well.

After today, I have no relation with this home and you.

Now don’t call me your sister ever again. So..Sobia…

Mama, I don’t want to hear anything. I don’t want to go anywhere.

Open the door. Are you in your senses? You still want to stay here?

I thought that before I would say it, you would say that you don’t want to live here. Are you an orphan?

Do you have no one? Did you say what you wanted to or is there still something more you want to say?

What do you think? I am joking?

Mama, you know my first part exams are over,

and I am preparing for the second part. I cannot leave it and go right now.

Child, all this can be done from there too. I was sending you to London, but you because of that stupid man,

only because of that stupid man, you wasted your time. You have lived here enough.

Pack your bags, I am booking the seats. I told you I will not go anywhere. So I am not going anywhere.

Mama, if you try to force me, then I will give my life.

For who? For whom will you give your life? Tell me this.

You are being so emotional for the one who left you in the middle?

Yes. But, I am telling you, I don’t want to go anywhere right now.

I will live here. You can go where you want, mama. Fine,

if you want to stay here, then stay. But hear one thing clearly, don’t call me your mama.

Do you hear me? What do you want?

I don’t stay in this home. Fine, I won’t stay in this home, I will go to the hostel.

But I don’t want to leave Pakistan and go anywhere. When I want to come, I will.

Now quickly come out, I am waiting for you. I have heard enough from you.

Uncle, go to the warehouse and check the accounts. But don’t tell me today, tell me tomorrow. Today…

is that Darakhzai in the farm? Who are the people with him? I don’t know Mr. Khan, a contractor comes daily, he settles the accounts and leaves.

Contractor? Does Daji know? I don’t know if Daji knows or not.

But I know one thing, anything Darkhzai does, he does it openly in front of everyone,

not secretly. If he didn’t tell you, he will. Come on, take the measurements. Okay, we will meet tomorrow.

Thank you. Fine, you go to the warehouse. I will see.

What was the contractor doing here? Why? What happened brother? Can I not talk to the contractor?

Yes, that is fine. But it is not possible on Darakhzai’s farm. You won’t even let anyone pray here,

why were you standing here with a contractor? Oh God, what are you saying brother.

I had to talk to him about something. I want to construct a building here.

I have to make it stand next to the old building. Building? When I told you to open a hotel, you got really upset that

no one should look at my farm. I got the map of the road changed thrice because of you.

Now what new building are you constructing? Hey brother, to hell with the hotel.

I want to construct a hospital. A hospital for women. So that Khajista can practice her studies here.

The women of the territory will also benefit. And that dispensary is not worthy of her practice.

Buddy, tell me something honestly. Is stopping Khajista a matter of your shame and ego,

or is it a matter of the heart as well? Brother, Darakhzai is a man,

he doesn’t listen to the heart. Shame is before everything else.

Look here. Look at me and talk. Hey brother, stop this nonsense. Leave it.

These contractors will come here again. You talk to Daji, get me the money. I want that the hospital is ready before Khajista comes here.

That’s it.

What did you say? A hospital is being constructed on Darakhzai’s farm?

This is a good joke. Who told you this? I met the contractor yesterday.

He said that his brother met Darakhzai. He is in discussions with him.

He must be lying, buddy. Darkhzai can have his gravestone put on the farm,

but a building is impossible. No Mr. Khan, I just passed from there.

The contractor was standing on his farms, they were doing some calculations.

Did you ask someone else? Yes, Khan, I got confirmed news. He is constructing a hospital before his doctor arrives.

Now the women of the village will leave the home with the alibi of being unwell.

Then this family says that it doesn’t plan on coming into politics. Earlier these three, father and sons, stood strong for the road,

and now this hospital. This Saif’s family is really cunning.

Meaning, he is pulling the vote bank of both men and women towards them.

You do one thing. Spread news in the village through women.

What news, Mr. Khan?

Aunt. What happened, aunt? Earlier you never did this, you are going back in one day.

Okay listen to me. Are you upset with me? You get upset with your own.

But you proved that you are not my own. Aunt.

Talk from a distance. Hadi, please. This is the same aunt that

used to pray day and night for your success. She would recite Ayat ul Kursi and blow it at you.

If you were worried here, I would get worried sitting so far away. But today you proved that I have no right on you.

This means your love had selfishness. Papa’s generation, brother’s children, your own blood,

you didn’t love me from any reference. You have ended all the references yourself, Hadi.

Do you understand? If you had rejected my daughter, then you would have at least got a girl of her level.

You can say what you want to me, but… But what? But, what? Speak up.

Why are you quiet? Answer me.

Anyway, you will not go with me now.

The driver is outside, he will drop you at the airport. I don’t need any driver. Do you understand?

And all of you people are dead for me.

Today, for the first time, Sobia is upset with me.

Because of you.

Please Shaharyar, stop taking your sister’s side now. She has cursed my son before leaving.

What is wrong with you? Did you break the relationship five years back? She had to say all this, just have some courage to hear it.

Yes, but did Hadi ever say yes to this proposal? You forced this relation on him.

He never agreed. I accept, I made a mistake. Don’t say anything to my son.

I am sorry for whatever mama said to you people.

Aima, tell me something, did I ever keep a difference between you, Hadi or Hasan?

At all? Then why… I am not amongst those women who get the comfort of a home.

I don’t have a 9-5 job. I have ruined my whole life in the hospital. Now can I not see the happiness of my children?

Aunty, even I have seen both of you as my parents.

And both of you are my ideal couple.

And where are you going? I am going to the hostel.

Mama insisted. Hey, Sobia has gone mad.

I will come back in a few days. I am not going for a lot of days.

And don’t worry, I will live with my friends.

No need to go alone, Hadi will drop you. And I should see you in your room next week. Okay?

Come on, go child.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

I couldn’t have taken this decision all my life that mama and uncle took.

Congratulations to you, Hadi. Are you congratulating me with your heart?

Only with my tongue, because I don’t have the courage to congratulate you with my heart.

Anyway, let’s see.

Look, Aima, whatever aunt said that I rejected you, there is nothing like that.

You are really good… But lesser than Khajista.

If you love Khajista, then my love for you is no less.

You win. Come on.

But even I haven’t lost. All my life,

I will wait for you, Hadi.

Let’s go.

What are you people doing here? Go from here. And put out your cigarettes.

Come on. You people don’t look like doctors from any angle. You have so much trash,

and what is all this? Remove it. SO what do we do, bro? These people have us standing in the operation ward for 36 hours.

Now you will have to make yourself addicted to keep yourself awake like a mad person. Here, you too try it.

Yes, what else? You will get fresh. Here you go, try it once. Remove it.

You can also get fresh from exercise, but you people are unable to do it. You forget about us getting fresh.

You tell me, why are you here leaving Hadi’s home?

This is such a stupid question? Okay, leave everything, and tell me, why are you shifting to the hostel?

I have come for a few days. Mama is really upset with uncle Shaharyar.

So you do one thing, degrade Khajista in sir Sharharyar’s heart.

What do you mean? The meaning is simple. You give us Khajista’s schedule to us somehow.

So what will you people do? If we put someone’s death on her head in a way that

it turns into a proper case, then? What? You people will commit a murder?

Oh. Who is committing a murder, stupid. Look, people die, they come, they cry, scream, shout, then they leave.

Dead body kidnapping. You think if Khajista is the duty in charge, and a dead body disappears.

Wow. Wow. It will be such a scene. Khajista will be jailed for life and everyone will get off this effect of love.

You people think criminally. Come on. We are doing everything for you

and you are behaving like this. You give us Khajista’s schedule in whatever way possible.

And yes, try to involve Hasan with you in this. Then you will see,

how much fun it will be.

What wrong did I say? And when am I asking you for the proposal myself. My parents want to come to your home, form a relation with you people.

With complete respect and honour. They will request you.

You know she is engaged, even then. And brother even you know how mismatch of an engagement this is.

Look, Dr. Hadi, we are true to our word. I would suggest that you consider this matter finished over there.

But brother, you are an educated man, and if you made a mistake once, then will you not prove that you are educated?

Right now I am giving proof that I am a pathan. Right now, don’t have any hopes.


Right now. So, I can have hope in trying.

How long do you know Khajista for? Since I have known myself, people, their behaviors.

Since I have understood right and wrong. Since then.

Look brother Amroz, Khajista is no ordinary girl.

Her innocence, her good nature, her brainpower,

it is all a blessing for this territory.

She was saying, that, she wants to see Khajista’s fiancé,

so that she can also see how he is and why she wants freedom from him.

Freedom? What freedom? Khajista

wants to live there after studies, she doesn’t want to live here. She wants to make a home in the city.

She doesn’t like Darakhzai.

Brother, I am speaking the truth. I am telling you what she told me.

She doesn’t love Darakhzai. In fact, that doctor wanted that

I call Darakhzai with an excuse, so that he can make her understand with love.

Brother, you don’t force Khajista, let her do what she wants.

Let her make her home.

What is the matter, Khan? You seem really worried for the past few days.

Now will you still hide what is in your heart from me. No. No. Nothing like that.

I am worried for Khajista. She will come back in a few days.

Daji is talking about her marriage. So don’t you want Khajista to get married?

I want it. But Darakhzai has a really frantic temperament.

I am afraid of handing her over to him. I used to say from day one that

we should find a match for Khajista in the city and only you can do this, Khan,

only you can convince Daji. And Darakhzai,

he will never agree. Leave him to me, I will convince him.

Do one thing, when Khajista comes back, you talk to her.

Ask her what she wants. Even I can ask her, but she is a girl, she will be careful, she will not tell me.

I don’t want that we mistreat Khajista, or else how will I face uncle Dilawar.

That’s it? If you had said, I would have given my life.

Is this something to worry about? You are worrying yourself. You will get unwell, Khan.

Why did you stop the approval of my application? Because I don’t want that you go.

Why? What do you mean, why? Khajista, twelve medals have been announced for you.

You will get proper protocol in the convocation. It is amazing and you are saying, why?

I have no interest in all this now. I just want that you don’t have interest in anything else.

I mean, career-wise. And I didn’t stop your application, mom and dad did.

They wanted that you attend the convocation and go. and they also wanted that you invite your Daji and brother too.

Because these opportunities don’t come in life again. Anyway,

this is your schedule, for your remaining duties.

What is this? Hi. There is a head injury in the trauma department.

There are having a meeting, they have called you immediately. Excuse me.

Today, I went to the VC. There I saw the list of announcements.

Twelve gold medals. Wow. Congratulations.

Thank you. Hadi got only ten.

You are the first one in our college who broke his record. I received only one.

Listen, your schedule is really tough, should I change it?

No. Thank you. Good luck.


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