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Mere Humsafar Episode 36 | Ary Digital Drama | ep 36 of mere humsafar

Mere Humsafar Episode 36 | Ary Digital Drama | ep 36 of mere humsafar

In the next episode of drama serial mere humsafar i.e mere humsafar episode 36  you will see that shah Jahan said to his son that for women like these, everywhere in the world .. Mother please .. Will you yell at your mother, Hamza? Take your words back about Hala This won't ever happen, Hamza This is how she is She has kept a lover with a husband too .. Mother please .. Hamza She isn't like this She isn't like how you describe her

Women who cheat with their husbands aren't like Hala They don't cry and tremble .. the way Hala does .Characterless women do not have shame in their eyes. and my wife does have it Mother, she has emotions in her eyes Women like these do no clarify themselves. They do not scare and are fearless and if I'd ask my Hala to clarify herself .. then she'd even walk on coal for me.

What has she taught you? My son is ready to even worship her Come here Show it to me. What spell did she cast on you? What?What did you born? Am I mad? Am I crazy? I'm a man then this manhood should go to hell if I'm not aware of my woman's character You haven't seen such women, mother if they pass by you .. you can guess their character, in the same way when you see a characterful woman, you can't help but look down I lived a whole year with her, mother She isn't like that from your mouth, for Hala .. I don't want to hear these words the whole life and I mean it I thought, there can't be any person in this life who can be as sad as me but one day, one day I thought about Hala these are all happens in the next episode 36 mere humsafar.

You also see in the mere humsafar ep 36 that Khuram, your either true or false reasons have ruined a whole family Hala's family, her husband and her child You used to tell me stories about you being orphan you have no idea that you have ruined a child's life who isn't even born yet My future is bright I have come out of your betrayal but that Hala she's still suffering If you want to apologize to anyone then apologize to that Hala You should have at least taken breakfast, Hala. You have to take medicine I don't want to call Hamza You wanted to call Hamza I did it He's on the way. He's about to come He wasn't on way. He was at home Home? How do you know it? Not only at home, he must be with auntie Why would he tell a lie? I wasn't seeing him on call He could say anything You don't know him He knows how to keep people's heart If he had told you you might be hurt.

Mere Humsafar Episode 36 Review:

Do you know me this well hmm? Empty handed? You were getting the lunch packed? Your sister has already told you where I was Then you should have told the truth You'd be hurt if I had told you the truth and your sister would be worried I am still hurt I'm here to clarify myself If you were hungry, why didn't you order the food? Ask your wife. She hasn't eaten anything why are you upset with food? I'm not upset with anything You have to eat anything. You have to take the medicine. Have milk No! No! Hala I don't feel like Are you crying, Hala? No .. umm something went into my eye Show me. Move your hand It's nothing .. Show me. Look up There is nothing We don't see other people's pain but we do feel our own pain a lot. Did they have any doubt on you? No! Not at all .. I told them that its my friend's birthday Make sure they don't have any doubt in future too Till when? Why? Are you in rush? Shall I come to marry you? You have to do that.

Mere humsafar episode 36 is very very interesting, ARYDigital Mere Humsafar Episode 36 aired in high definition. Watch earlier episodes of MereHumsafar here, watch the mere humsafar live streaming on this page.

Cast and Some Background of Mere Humsafar

Pakistani Drama 2022 Mere Humsafar directed by Qasim Ali Mureed. The heart throb Farhan Saeed is coupling up with Hania Amir this Drama along with Omer Shahzad and Zoya Nasir. Mere Humsafar Pakistani drama cast contains Farhan Saeed, Hania Amir, and Saba Hameed Zoya Nasir. The brilliant cast of this Ary Digital drama will make this serial more thrilled and humorous. Beautiful and stunning Hania Amir as Hala is performing a different character in this serial. After performing in the hit drama “Prem Gali”, Farhan Saeed will appear with a new look. Mere Humsafar is an upcoming drama serial on AryDigital Gorgeous actresses Hania Amir and Farhan Saeed are part of the lead cast of the drama Mere Humsafar. The lastest episode 23 of mery humsafar drama will be telecast soon and live on youtube as well as ARY Digital.

Mera Humsafar Cast:

  • Farhan Saeed as Hamza
  • Hania Aamir as Hala
  • Zoya Nasir
  • Omer Shahzad
  • Saba Hameed Shah Jahan
  • Waseem Abbas as Raees
  • Samina Ahmed
  • Tara Mahmood as Sofia

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