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mushkil episode 35, Har Pal Geo Drama Mushkil, 23 August 2022


mushkil episode 35, Har Pal Geo Drama Mushkil, 23 August 2022

In the latest episode of mushkil drama i.e mushkil episode 35 you will see that saboor ali said to asfand that I was mad, that I told you the truth before marriage, if I would not have told you, this wouldn’t have happen, you cannot leave me like this. I got this blame every time that I am flirting with his wife and this Hareem, wherever I go, she came after me, I don’t know what she wants from me? You also say no to her once strictly, she will understand.

Strictly, like how? I cannot hold her hand and take her out of the house now, we can only make her understand because of the kind of relationship we have, I am scared that Asfand brother might get psycho when he will think like this and if he will get to know the reality of Hareem, he will get mad. You are also not thinking maturely, I am scared, that you will get all the blame of course, all the fault is not yours.

They provoke you and that is why you react like this otherwise, these are all happens in the mushkil episode 35. I just feel like telling everything about her to parents, but Asfand brother will not tolerate this insult. You can take this Asfand, please don’t make big issues of these small matters, he misbehaves with me, I will take care of it, you don’t need to interfere. I will not interfere? I don’t have any relationship with you.

Mushkil Episode 35 Review

He will ask you to do his work forcefully, he takes you with him, he misbehaved with you, and I will not say anything in the middle, what are you saying? Do you have any idea? I have made my decision, you both will stay apart from each other and if he will try to misbehave, so this time I will not leave him, he crossed all his limits by raising his hand on his elder brother, I will now tell her what the elder brother is should I say one thing, will you do that?

Mushkil ep 35 is very interesting and you will see that saboor ali said to his mother that Faraz did with me.

If you do all that with his wife? You will see, he will be fine and he will not try to force me in future.What are you saying? You mean to say that the way he is careless and ill mannered, then I become like him? Are you mad?Asfand, I have heard that metal can be handled with metal only. When your father will hear this that both the brothers are the enemies of each other, what will he think? I am scared that when he will get angry, and he might will take a decision which will break this house.

Mushkil Drama Cast Name List:

The drama cast boasts a large number of renowned actors and actresses. Below is the list of the confirmed cast members for the Hum TV drama Mushkil.

  • Humayoun Ashraf as Asfand
  • Saboor Aly as Sameen
  • Khsuhhal Khan as Faraz
  • Zainab Shabbir as Hareem
  • Behroze Sabzwari (Faraz’s Father)
  • Shagufta Ejaz (Faraz’s Mother)
  • Amra Zahid Kazi
  • Saife Hassan
  • Ismat Zaidi
  • Qudsia Ali
  • Laila Wasti
  • Rashid Farooqui
  • Rashida Tabassum

Mushkil Drama Story:

The affected story of Mushkil revolves around the life of Sameen, frolicked by Saboor Aly. There is a mixture of anticipation, hate, love, feelings, and entertainment that make this genre a brand new one, with many twists and turns along the way.

The Mushkil drama revolves around the lives of three characters who come together to make a story. In the drama, you will see a heart-to-heart love between the lead cast Saboor Aly, Khushhal Khan, and Zainab Shabbir.

Mushkil Drama Timing:

Mushkil Drama is a must-watch for all the fans of Pakistani television. Currently, the drama airs every night at 9:00 pm on Geo TV.

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