mushkil episode 44, Har Pal Geo Drama Mushkil, 31st August 2022

In the next episode of Mushil drama i.e mushily
episode 45 you will see that faraz tell to his that that mother in law and the
aunt are worried about my second marriage, they are great mother, Yes they are,
but in the other words they are also saying that Asfand is no more left here, so
it is of no point that you stay here,

Mother for God sake just come out of your
typical thinking. They don’t want me to go from this house, they know that I am
young right now and I have my whole life left. Whatever they are saying, let
them me you tell me what are you saying? Should I see a boy for you to get
married? Don’t dare to do that, I am telling you, don’t dare,

If you will bring any person in front of me, I
swear I will slap him and make him leave the house. Okay then what do you want,
tell me? What I want, he is in this house, you just get me and Faraz married. What
do you mean? Will you get married to your brother in law? He is nice, he is
better than Asfand yes, he is a bit immature but there is no problem in that. What
are you saying Hareem? He is married. Mother, listen to me, don’t think much,
you just have to do one of my work, you just have to mention my marriage with
Faraz in front of Haleema and Sagheera bano and as far as the divorce is
concern between Sameen and Faraz, I have arranged all that these are all
happens in the upcoming episode of mushkil drama.

Mushkil episode 45 is very interesting and you
will see lots of new things in it Nasreen, what is all this? Who have changed
the settings of my room? If Sameen would not have been there, nothing will be
on its place, these books, table, what is all this? Who have done all this?
Faraz, Hareem madam was in your room since morning, and she changed all this
setting. Who have given this permission to her? Why does she has to do all
this, I will go and ask her.

Mushkil Episode 45

Faraz, you don’t need to take the permission,
you can come inside. How are you? I am fine and you? I am just spending free
days and lonely nights, everything else is fine. I am noticing since some days
that you are avoiding me? Faraz, I don’t like you to be formal like this, you
can sit please, sit, I think that you came here to talk about something else
with me? Whatever you said that day about Sameen, you were not lying, I also
think she planned properly and went from this house and being insulted, so that
she can earn some respect in front of her father and prove me wrong.

I am happy that it is late but you understood
what I was saying,

and what else you want to say?

Mushkil Drama Cast
Name List:

The drama cast boasts a large number of
renowned actors and actresses. Below is the list of the confirmed cast members
for the Hum TV drama Mushkil.

  • Humayoun Ashraf as Asfand
  • Saboor Aly as Sameen
  • Khsuhhal Khan as Faraz
  • Zainab Shabbir as Hareem
  • Behroze Sabzwari (Faraz’s Father)
  • Shagufta Ejaz (Faraz’s Mother)
  • Amra Zahid Kazi
  • Saife Hassan
  • Ismat Zaidi
  • Qudsia Ali
  • Laila Wasti
  • Rashid Farooqui
  • Rashida Tabassum

Mushkil Drama

The affected story of Mushkil revolves around
the life of Sameen, frolicked by Saboor Aly. There is a mixture of
anticipation, hate, love, feelings, and entertainment that make this genre a
brand new one, with many twists and turns along the way.

The Mushkil drama revolves around the lives of
three characters who come together to make a story. In the drama, you will see
a heart-to-heart love between the lead cast Saboor Aly, Khushhal Khan, and
Zainab Shabbir.

Mushkil Drama

Mushkil Drama is a must-watch for all the fans
of Pakistani television. Currently, the drama airs every night at 9:00 pm on
Geo TV.







You changed the setting of my room? Yes when
she is no more in this house and she will not come back, so why will we
continue her setting? Anyways, you tell me, have you thought of divorcing
Sameen? No. Why? I mean when in the initial days of your marriage, when the
topic of Anita was there, you were ready to give her divorce, so what happened
now? I don’t want to talk on this topic at all and I don’t want to do it,. But
I think that you should talk to me only on this topic, because I am here only
who knows the characters of this topic very well,

I know Sameen very well and I know you as well,
I also know Arif is very stubborn. Okay fine,

its okay, look, please tell Nasreen to change
the setting of my room, and make it like before. Not at all,

I will not do like this, she is gone from this

so why her setting will be like this, I was
about to throw her things out of the house, but I was stopped because of you,

I kept it in the store room, when you will
divorce her, you can throw it.

I haven’t taken any name of divorce yet, why
are you saying this repeatedly?

Because I know, Sameen is about to send you the
notice for separation,

don’t let her roam like this Faraz, that she
will say to the whole world that she left you,

she has taken the separation. She really wants
to get the separation from me?

yes, secretly,

but I got to know. But how?

Just leave that, I have to tell you the news,
you can sit,

now if the news is good or bad, you can decide
yourself, Go ahead.

Father, mother and aunt.

What happened? Mother called my mother to meet,

she want to talk about something important.
What important thing?

Everyone was thinking, I mean everyone was

you see, I have a long life ahead,

so everyone was making me understand that I
should think of getting married again,

what do you say? Should I get married again?

Yes, you should, you have all the rights to
live your life.

Okay, so I am ready. It is good and I am sure
that parents will be happy with your decision,

Yes, if they will ask me, I will say yes to

and you also say them that

you also want to get married to me.

Our marriage? Are you in your senses? What do
you mean?

You just said that I have all the rights to
live the happiness of my life, didn’t you?

Yes, I did, but I cannot give you those
happiness, I haven’t thought like that ever, I cannot marry you. You can think
now Faraz,

what is so big thing in this? Not at all, I
haven’t thought like this, and I don’t ever can think like this ever so please

don’t expect these things from me. So, why did
you say?

Why did you say that I have all the rights to
live the happiness of my life,

when you can say no to a widow, in fact the
widow of your brother,

if anyone else will be there, he will do the
same. Sorry, I don’t mean that.

Whatever you mean to say, but this is the

you are rejecting me, I wish,

you would have an idea,

how painful this rejection is for a woman.

I am sorry, what I said is the truth.

Please don’t expect this from me.

you will see, I will make it a reality, you can
change my name,

whatever I have done is to achieve you

and I will make you mine for sure.

Zawal child, you made us amazed. I don’t
believe that

I am looking at my nephew after so many years.
You cannot trust this, you can think about me,

why did not you tell me child that you are
coming? If I would have told you, so it would not been a surprise.

Anila, how is your tiktok going?

Tiktok, I used to make it to pass the time,

since Asfand brother had gone, I don’t feel
like doing anything.

Sudden death of Asfand brother made me in shock
as well,

how a life can ends all of a sudden, that is
why I have decided that

I will spend the rest of my life with my

I will try that she will go with me back to

and if she will not go, I will stay here with
you for the rest of life. Stay blessed.

Great child, you are so obedient, you made a
good decision, stay blessed. Okay tell me, what will I make for you in the

What do you like in food? What have you missed
there? I missed my mother there a lot.

Zawar child, you have reminded us some old

i am enjoying, I remember you and Faraz used to
fight a lot, it seems that they both are enemies.

Yes aunt, at that time as well Asfand brother
used to make us friends again, sometimes, he used to hold our ears and
sometime, he used to give chocolates to us.

Look, this is the right way to remember my child

he was a great child, he used to love everyone,
he was everyone’s friend,

I will also say this to you, remember him when
you are happy not by crying.

Aunt is saying right, I spent less time with
Asfand but it was really nice time and I was very happy.

Lets have tea again, Okay. Anila you can go.
No, Anila,

you just sit and have a conversation with your
cousin, Faraz, will you have it?

No, I will not have anything, I am actually
sleepy, I will go and sleep.

If you will sleep late one day, there is
nothing wrong, you can sit for a while. Okay.

We have this habit of having tea, Anila, you
can go and help sister in law in the kitchen.

Since Asfand has gone, her smile has also
disappeared somewhere,

she forgets to smile. You are saying right.

You have a good cousin, he is very good looking
and jolly.

Zawar brother is like that forever. Brother,

are you mad? Who says brother to this handsome

Hareem, you talk very strangely sometimes.

Strange talks, okay leave, it, leave it, wait,
yes, I will do it,

you can go and sit with your handsome cousin,
talk to him and make some chance,

I will bring it. Oh God.

I want to make that aunt out of this house more
than you, it is good that

she will hold your hand, and go from here with

I really miss the tea made by Sameen, she used
to make good tea.

Who thought that I will have so much burden on
me when I will die?

Don’t talk like this sister, you will be fine.

No, It is my end now,

I wish, I could have seen my son married.

Sister, you had nothing since morning, please
have some fruits. Child. If you don’t want to eat fruits, should I make juice?

What are you doing sister? Child, I am sorry
for what my son has done?

Please have some mercy on your aunt,

who is dying. Please forgive my child, please
forgive him,

and please forgive him once. You don’t need to
do this, I have no complains with you,

you will not do this. So, please say it once,
you have forgiven?

Please you can do this child that you will
forgive him,

please for God’s sake, forgive my son.

Get this burden off from your heart, I have no
complains with anyone,

I will go and make juice for you.

This girl is so rude, your daughter will not

she will not forgive, and she don’t want to
take his name as well.

Sister, please take care of yourself. Ibrahim,
please make her understand,

that she can forgive Arif. Don’t worry sister,
I will talk to her.

Maryam, you also make her understand, she
listens to you.

Father, do you need anything?

Child, you cannot say for the sake of your aunt
once. Father, the way Arif left me,

it is equal if he will be there or not and it
makes no meaning to me if I will forgive him or not.

My sister is dying child.

Father, I can forgive everything, but the way he
came to my in laws house and blamed me,

I cannot forgive that all.

Aunt, I brought juice for you, please have it,.

No, until you will not forgive Arif,

I will not drink anything.


I forgave Arif.

Really? You forgave Arif?

Now I can die in peace.

My child, stay blessed.

Look Ibrahim, she forgave Arif,

my child forgive Arif,

stay blessed my child, stay happy,

Greetings mother. Greetings.

How are you now? You did not had anything since
morning I made breakfast for you.

No tea is enough, nothing else, my blood
pressure is high.

Don’t hide it from me, I know,

what aunt says, it makes you worried,

first she used to appreciate Sameen now she is
also thinking about her younger sister,

Let her think, it is her son, it is her choice,
this is not our concern.

Mother, your heart is very big but as an eldest
daughter in law of this house,

I don’t like all this,

and now I have all the responsibilities of
Asfand on me as well.

How did you thought about Asfand’s
responsibilities all of a sudden?

I don’t stop thinking about him ever,

and now when Zawar is here, I remember

Asfand mentioned it to me once, he was saying

he likes Zawar a lot and he was also saying
that if it is in his hand, he will get Zawar and Anila married at once,

mother, please talk to aunt once.

Child, Zawar is a good boy and mostly he is our

but we are the parents of a girl, how can we

And Aunt already have thought about Sameen’s
younger sister.

Mother, you don’t have to talk,

I will go and talk to aunt, she is very nice
and she loves you all a lot,

I am sure that she will happy and she will
bring Anila’s proposal to you herself.

Whatever she is thinking, I think that Sameen
is being clever in this,

she have kept this all in the mind of aunt and
also she told her how innocent her sister is,

otherwise, she cannot think like this, I know.

Mother, you don’t worry, I will speak to aunt

and I will complete this wish of my Asfand for

Anila, you are sitting here and I was looking
for you in the whole house, just see, what I have seen on tiktok today,

this is the right thing now, should I say one
thing to you? smile like this ever,

you look nice, if Asfand brother would have
been there today and would have seen you in this condition,

he would not have liked it at all,

so keep smiling

and tell me, when are you going to show me the
Pakistani movie?

We can do one thing, let me ask Faraz, you can
get ready and we all will go together.

Let me see the tickets, we have to check it
first. I am here, you can see.

I don’t know if sister have tonight or not?

Child, if you say, can I call Arif?

He can also see his mother.

Stay blessed child.

Aunt Can I come in? Yes, you can.

How are you aunt? I am good, you came in my
room today to ask my condition?

Aunt, you find all my activities mysterious or

you like Sameen a lot,

anyways, aunt,

today I came here to you not being Hareem, but
being the eldest daughter in law of this house

and I came here to talk something serious to
you. You are also nice,

in fact I like this seriousness on you.

Aunt, I have heard that you chose Sameen’s
youngest sister for your son Zawar?

I havent chosen her yet, I just thought about

did Haleema has discussed this with you, I
discussed this with Haleema only.

No, mother was telling this to father,

and she was upset, so I have heard,

and I cannot stop myself. You cannot stop
yourself, what do you mean?

Aunt, Zawar is your nice son

and Anila is your lovely niece,

and Anila is not worth that you will make her
your daughter in law?

Anila is dearest to me, but who told this to you?

Haleema said something to you? No one said
anything to me aunt, since Zawar came here,

the smile on the Anila’s face is back, haven’t
you seen?

And father will not say anything to you ever
and mother as well,

they have the daughter you can think, it will
not looks nice if they say anything but being an eldest daughter in law of this
house, I have some rights as well,

you are mature enough and the mother of a young

aunt Asfand used to love you a lot

and I am sure that they will be happy if you
will have two relationships with this house

and her dearest sister will be the daughter in
law of your house.

I will come.


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