Woh pagal si
episode 31, ary digital drama, 6th September 2022

In the next episode of Woh pagal si
episode 31, you will see that bella son’s in law ask Bella, where are you
going? Auntie… I have an important errand to run. What important errand? What
is it that you have to leave for? Ask Sarim to take care of it for you.
Auntie… I want to meet Sarah. She’s not well. You are more unwell than her.
The doctor has advised bed rest for you. Sarim has strictly asked me not to let
you go out without any good reason. You’re right, but I need to go there right
now. She needs me. Things are not like how they were before. You can’t go out
over every trivial incident. You have to take special care of your health. I’ll
call Sarah and see how she’s doing. You don’t take care of your diet and you
don’t take your medicines as well. You always seem worried to me. If there’s a
problem, tell me about it.

Auntie, I’ll be back soon. I need
to go there, please! I should tell Sarim. 
Subhan… take out the car. Sarim? I told you… but you’re still going
to her. Sarim she’s not well. That’s why I ask you to stay away from her. You
are always worried about her.  You know
how hazardous this is to your health. You don’t listen to the doctor, nor do
you listen to me. Please Sarim, let me go to her. I need to take her to a good
doctor. Leave her be. If she’s sick, then it’s because of her foolish deeds.
Let her face this. Please Sarim, don’t say this. She’s my baby sister. Send her
as much money as you want through the driver. I don’t have any problem with
that. Medicine… food… You can send her whatever you want. But the entire
market for her. There all things are happens in the Woh pagal si episode 31,  But all of that stuff will be taken by the
driver, you will not go there. I order this as your husband. If you go there…
then you’ll regret it. What are you doing? Your fever isn’t coming down. These
cold rags will help. Who allowed you to do this? I can at least do this without
any permission.How did you come to that conclusion? Even though it is a forced
marriage, it is a marriage nonetheless.

Woh pagal si episode 31 is very interesting
and you will see lot of suspense it and you will see that sara ask to zaheen
that Get away from me. How dare you come so near me. I had to place these cold
rags on your forehead. It’s not like I have freakishly long arms that I can
place on you from over there. I did try to place them with a selfie stick, but
I was unable to. I know very well what you’re trying to do. You want to come
near me, right? Don’t you dare… Don’t be stupid. All I want is for you to
feel better. Because I am answerable to Mr. Ahsan on your behalf. I thought of
taking you outside somewhere after I take you to the doctor in the evening. I
won’t have anything to do there so you can ignore me. But right now let me
place these rags on you, you have a fever.

Woh pagal si
episode 31 Review:

Come, sir. Thank you. I’m happy to
see you at work. In your absence, your wife handled things well. Just like you.
I realize that. I was able to spend so much time at home because of you two. For
that I’m grateful. I trust you both. What came of the Dubai contract? The talks
are in progress. You’ll have to go to the final meeting, next Monday. Why don’t
you go Wahaj? How can I? It’s a big deal and you’re the head of the company. You
need to attend the meeting. You have to take the final decision How can Ahsan
go? He’s not well and I won’t let him go alone. Ma’am, why don’t you go with
him? We’ll think about it, we have time.

Woh Pagal Si Episode 31 | Babar Ali
| Hira Khan | Zubab Rana | 6th September 2022 | ARY Digital Drama
Woh Pagal Si |

Story of Who Pagal

When Benifits Become Goals ‘Woh
Pagal Si’ is the story of a girl, named Sara, who is having difficulty
adjusting with Shazma – the second wife of her father, Ahsan.

Written by: Sadia Akhter Directed By: Faisal Bukhari


·       Babar

·       Hira

·       Zubab

·       Omer

·       Saad

·       Zara

·       Fouzia

·       Ismail

·       Shazia

·       Talat

·       Anum

·       Areej

·       Shazia

·       Farha

·       Owais

·       Abdulla

·       Adnan

Timing : Woh Pagal Si Daily at 7 : 00 PM Only On ARY

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