Woh pagal si
episode 32, ary digital drama, 7th September 2022

In the next episode of drama woh pagal
si episode 32 shadma is very angry on wahaj and said what is all this Wahaj?
You can’t plan this without telling me. Why are you convincing him to go to
Dubai? What will happen if he goes there? Shazma… He needs to go far in these
circumstances. Whatever it may be, you won’t do a thing without telling me. Where
are you going? Drink coffee with me. Drink it alone. I’m coming… who is it?
Miss Bella sent this stuff for miss Sarah. Alright… This is heavy, why don’t
you place it inside? Come. Keep it here. Mother, what is all this? Here is some
money. Alright. Mother… count how much the money is. No way, this does not
belong to us. She won’t find out. She’s sleeping in her room. She won’t know we
searched her stuff. I think her family is sending the dowry gradually. Let me
see, what is inside here. Mother… so much money! Show me what’s inside this.

woh pagal si episode 32 is very interesting
and you will see lots of new things in this ary drama, you will see that when
sara’s dowry reach at zaheen home,  these
only have her clothes. I thought it had some jewelry.  that is all this? Who’s stuff is this? Sarah’s
sister sent this for her. What are you two doing with this? Mother… I didn’t
expect this from you. Give that to me, I’ll take it to my room. You’ll regret it
if anything’s missing. It’s because of you he told me off. How come is it my
fault? The driver brought it here. Why did you send this stuff? I don’t want
it. I’ll burn it all. Why are you so angry? Why are you doing this? Look at my
state and understand my compulsion. Why should I check your state? Why don’t
you see my state? Look at where I live. I can’t fall asleep all night! There
are mosquitos everywhere. My entire body is aching. You know the mattresses I’m
used to sleeping in.

I haven’t eaten proper food in such
a long time as well. I want to leave this place as soon as possible and you’re
sending my stuff here. Sarah, stay there for a few days. Easy for you to say.
You’re not living here. Don’t try to send me anything again. Otherwise, I’ll
burn it all! You shouldn’t have talked to Bella like that. Look at her state of
her. Shut up! Don’t speak in my  after,
understand? The power went off in the middle of the night yesterday. These are
all happens in the woh pagal si episode 32.  Yes… there is load-shedding here sometimes.
I felt sick. I was suffocating here. I’ll install a ups. What will that
achieve? The fan will keep ruining and you won’t feel sick. Even after
installing a ups, this old fan will blow hot air. It doesn’t matter if the fan
works or not.I’m fated to die like this. Let me die.I’m bored here… day and
night seem the same.

woh pagal si
episode 32 Review

Morning… afternoon… evening…
all feel the same to me. You’re bored… that’s it. Let me take you out
somewhere. Outing, with you? That too on your wretched bike? Yes, you will have
to tolerate that bike. But I can take you to your friend’s house. Yes… that’s
a good idea. Bella sent me a mobile. I need to buy a sim card for it as well. Alright.
Where? Don’t you remember Shanzay’s home? Got it. Why have you stopped here? I
have to buy fruit. For what? You’re going to your friend’s house after such a
long time. You won’t go there empty-handed. Do you want to buy it, or shall I?
You can go ahead. Wait, I’ll be right back. Is that Sarah? That is Sarah..


Story of Who Pagal

When Benifits Become Goals ‘Woh
Pagal Si’ is the story of a girl, named Sara, who is having difficulty
adjusting with Shazma – the second wife of her father, Ahsan.

Written by: Sadia Akhter Directed By: Faisal Bukhari


·       Babar

·       Hira

·       Zubab

·       Omer

·       Saad

·       Zara

·       Fouzia

·       Ismail

·       Shazia

·       Talat

·       Anum

·       Areej

·       Shazia

·       Farha

·       Owais

·       Abdulla

·       Adnan

Timing : Woh Pagal Si Daily at 7 : 00 PM Only On ARY

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