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Kaisi teri khudgarzi Episode 20 | Ary Digital Drama | episode 20 Kaisi teri khudgarzi


Kaisi teri khudgarzi Episode 20 | Ary Digital Drama | episode 20 Kaisi teri khudgarzi

In the next episode of drama serial Kaisi teri khudgarzi Episode 20 you will see shamshar said that I've told you many times, that girl is not just his mere obsession he loves that girl with all his heart I've talked to him many times, but he doesn't listen to me why don't you talk to him? what will I say to him? He... dad, I want to talk to both of you what would you like to say now? I've decided that our wedding reception shall happen everyone talks about us, raise their fingers on us the best solution is that, we shall do a wedding reception & tell everyone so that everyone shall go quiet its me who takes decisions for this house as far as the raising of fingers are concerned, then its done on that girl the best solution is that, to oust her dad, you... don't you dare to argue with me, otherwise I will forget that you are my son I've tolerated enough I'm telling you the last time, throw her out! you had insulted Mehak's father too yes! and I will do it again if I want to it means, you had lied to me whatever I say is the truth and if you don't get it, then understand that next time.

 I will oust you along with that girl Shamsher, how many times I have told you not to argue with your father I will ensure to do the wedding reception Mehak Mehak is absolutely fine In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful even Shamsher is so good with her he brings her to the hospital himself but.. have some more enough! but his father... had put an allegation on me Why are you worried about these things? I've explained Mehak as well She is already married Now, she should focus on her family. Everything will be fine from where did you arrange the money for all this? why are you worrying about these trivial matters, these are all happens in Kaisi teri khudgarzi Episode 20 just now you've been well, thanks to God No, I... I want to know from where did you get such a hefty amount, how did you arrange them? you must have faced a lot of difficulty Shamsher gave them Shamsher? why you took money from Shamsher? No we didn't Rehan was going to sell your car I was selling my jewelry but still we couldn't manage to gather the amount required for your operation and, we couldn't understand what to do all of a sudden we got to know that.

Shamsher has cleared the hospital dues you shouldn't have taken the money from him this way, his father's words will be proved right that our daughter married him for the sake of money & we were same and that is wrong this shouldn't have happened it was important to save your life, than thinking about what will people say We will repay his every single penny, slowly & gradually Nida yes what are you watching? its sister's new video people starts talking wherever they go they are saying that my sister is a fraud sometimes I think, I wish... I wish Shamsher had died by my gunshot Kaisi teri khudgarzi Episode 20 is very interesting and you will see lot of new things in it.

Kaisi teri khudgarzi Episode 20 Review

at least, Mehak's life would be easy yes but I think, sister's life is still easy easy... how come? see, he is doing a lot for sister he has paid dad's hospital bill too and he loves my sister so much, he like her a lot and then, he has got such a big car & a big house  hat not he have? Have you seen the video? the restaurant seems to be so expensive, then its food must be way too expensive as well and... we can only see all these things from outside but sister's attitude is not coming slow you shouldn't say this I know she is in a lot of pain brother Ahsan, if I get so many things in exchange of this pain then I will happily marry such a guy what's lacking with brother Shamsher? He has got a lot I'm waiting for you outside, we have to go to the hospital come Okay coming Shahmer, I know that you aren't receiving my call intentionally if the catering team didn't come to my house till evening, then I will come to your house dear, please take out the idea of the wedding reception from your heart your father will never agree, you should have thought about it before getting married how come I would have thought about it earlier, mom? I didn't get a chance earlier my life got changed in a second still I don't understand, that what had happened with me.

Some Background of Kaisi teri khudgarzi

Well, Baba Sahib and Dara's wife will definitely not let Mahek rest in peace. Nawab Dilawar is so deluded that he thinks Mahek has seduced Shamsher when Mehk's hatred for Shamshir is clearly written on his face! It can be clearly seen that they are not happy with this marriage. The sword has not yet touched Mahek and their marriage is not consummated. Instead of marrying his newly wedded wife, he scares her by shouting. The last scene of the episode is where Baba asks Shamsher to leave his wife with some money and Shamsher laughs a lot. I don't understand why Mehk or his father told Shamsher that his family tried to kill him, and yet Mehk's life is in danger. His silence makes no sense. It's kind of a mindless entertainment series.

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Cast

Although the plot is problematic, Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi cast is giving its best according to the script. The cast includes the following talented actors:

  • Dure-e-Fishan Saleem as Mehak
  • Danish Taimoor as Shamsher
  • Noman Ijaz as Nawabzada Dilawar (Shamsher’s father)
  • Atiqa Odho as Shamsher’s mother
  • Laiba Khan as Nida (Mehak’s sister)
  • Shahood Alvi as Akram (Mehak’s father)
  • Hammad Shah as Ahsan (Mehak’s cousin and ex-fiance)
  • Laila Wasti as Naheed (Mehak’s mother)
  • Akhtar Husnain as Rehan (Ahsan’s father)
  • Zainab Qayyum as Andaleeb (Ahsan’s mother)

These are some of the people in the lead roles. There are also many different actors who are playing supporting roles.

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