Monday, 26 September 2022

Meray Humnasheen Last Episode | Har Pal Geo Drama


Meray Humnasheen Last Episode | Har Pal Geo Drama

In the last episode of drama serial meray humnasheen you will see that Hadi said to her mom that  Mama, you worry too much. I send you a good morning message daily. So how else do I inform you? So what do you think? You saying good morning to me, will make everything good in my life?

Hadi, it has been so many years that I saw you. I long to see you, son. Mama, you know I have so much work here. I have the classes, I have lectures, these are all happens in the last episode meray humnasheen. I go to the hospital. I cannot call you daily for an hour. One hour? Hey you don’t call for a lot of days.

I think you forget that you even have parents. Okay fine. see, how do I look? I am the same way that I left. Why do you worry for no reason? I worry because you are alone. If someone was there to take care of you, then I wouldn’t be worried. Come on, mama. It is not necessary that every person has someone to care for them.

I can take care of myself. Anyway, I am disconnecting now. I have come from a long surgery. You take care of yourself. Goodbye. Okay fine. You take care. Sir, I have told you I have every facility in my hospital. We just need a cardiac surgeon.

Meray humnasheen last episode is very interesting and you will see in the last episode that hadi requesting you, please send someone. Khajista, child. No good doctor is willing to come to your territory. Neither a cardiologist. Now tell me, what can I do in this matter? Why? Don’t humans live in my territory?

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