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Woh pagal si episode 30, ary digital drama, 5th September 2022


Woh pagal si episode 30, ary digital drama, 5th September 2022

In the next episode of drama Woh Pagal Si Episode 30 you will see that sara’s father block sara atm It seems dad has blocked my ATM card. Fate has again brought me to the same place I wanted to leave. Why did you leave without telling anyone? Do you even realize how worried I was? Had something happened to you what would have I told to Mr. Ahsan? Why should I tell you? You're nothing to me. Do you understand? I cannot live here. I feel suffocated here. My fate is the worst. It brought me back here, bound to you. I'll get sick living here. I cannot eat well or sleep well. I miss my room. I miss my house. All praise to the Lord. Its been two days. Have you forgotten the promise you made to my brother? Which promise? They gave you two days time.

And you had promised that you'd get Sara divorced and sent back to her house. Look Shabana. I cannot do anything about this. This is mom and dad's job to ask Zaheen. As it is, I feel Zaheen will not divorce her. Mom is their biggest supporter. And you know mom is the one and only in this house. Yes so why would she want that? She wanted Zaheen to marry a rich girl. And ever since Sara has come, her dreams have become a reality But I think, even you wanted this? Isn't it? You have gotten a rich sister in law without doing anything at all. You'll get profit as well. Isn't it? Do you think I'm like that? Let everything be. All of you are the same. Alright but please fix your mood these are all happens in the Woh Pagal Si Episode 30.Its been so many days. How long will you be upset with me because of Zaheen and please don't talk to me in this tone. It hurts me. So what tone should I use? Its because of your brother my sister's life is destroyed.

Woh Pagal Si Episode 30  Review

And you don't want me to say anything? Not protest but you don't even want me to complain to you? No Anwar. This cannot be. I don't have such a big heart. I cannot give my sister's place to that rich girl. Why? Is it something special? A lot of things are pending. Need signatures on documents and cheques as well. Do one thing. Give it to me. I'll meet him. And your work will be done. I'll handover then. Did you patch up with Shazma? Not yet. But it won't be long. I can easily make it up with Shazma. But, we'll have to keep an eye out for Zaheen. He knows a lot about us. Then what should we do about him? I've sent a few people after him. Currently he's looking for a job.Do you have any idea where he's applying? The same Mehraj Groups and a couple of other places. Hmm. Mehraj Groups. They're very good friends of mine. Don't worry at all. He will not get a job there. Good. Watch out. Let him suffer while he hunts for a job. When Sara will go hungry living with him, Woh Pagal Si Episode 30 is very interesting and you will see lots of new things in it.

Woh Pagal Si Episode 30 | Babar Ali | Hira Khan | Zubab Rana | 5th  September 2022 | ARY Digital Drama Woh Pagal Si |

Story of Who Pagal Si

When Benifits Become Goals ‘Woh Pagal Si’ is the story of a girl, named Sara, who is having difficulty adjusting with Shazma – the second wife of her father, Ahsan.

Written by: Sadia Akhter Directed By: Faisal Bukhari


·       Babar Ali

·       Hira Khan

·       Zubab Rana

·       Omer Shahzad

·       Saad Qureshi

·       Zara Ahmed

·       Fouzia Mushtaq

·       Ismail Tara

·       Shazia Gohar

·       Talat Shah

·       Anum Tanveer

·       Areej Chaudhary

·       Shazia Qaiser

·       Farha Nadeem

·       Owais Sheikh

·       Abdulla Jawed

·       Adnan Saeed.

Timing : Woh Pagal Si Daily at 7 : 00 PM Only On ARY Digital

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