Woh pagal si
episode 59, ary digital drama, 11th October 2022

In the next episode of who pagal si i.e who pagal
si episode 59 you will see that wahaj and shazma are in trouble and thinking what
would be happening there? If he survived, they would be looking for us in
Karachi. But if he died, they would be preparing for his funeral. But why are
you so upset. First let the news of his death be confirmed. Please turn your
number on and call Manzoor. He’ll tell you what’s going on there. I just talked
to him in front of you. Its not good contacting again and again. The office
will doubt.

Wahaj and Shajma planning to leave Pakistan and
go to Dubai in this connection she will tell to wahaj when will our visa arrive
I feel suffocated here. I cannot live here. Forget your luxuries for a few
days. I’m going in the other room. Stay alert and yes, don’t open the door
without my permission. And another thing, we will have to show ourselves as a
couple in front of everyone. This will save us. Give me my clothes, I’ll
freshen up. Dear, don’t cry and weaken yourself. If God wants, Mr. Ahsan will
be all right.

Who Pagal Si
episode 59 review

Sara tell to his sister Bela, how is dad? Where
is he? Dear, pray for your father’s health and life. Crying like this will not
get you anything. In fact you’ll get sick. Yes Bela. Aunty is right. Please be
strong. You’ll feel sick. Its this time since last night, dad hasn’t regained
conscious. How is he now? Is he out of danger? If you say, I’ll come. No dad.
Its not needed right now. I’ll keep informing you. Please pray for him.

Story of Who Pagal

When Benifits Become Goals ‘Woh Pagal Si’ is
the story of a girl, named Sara, who is having difficulty adjusting with Shazma
– the second wife of her father, Ahsan.

Written by: Sadia Akhter
Directed By: Faisal Bukhari


·       Babar

·       Hira

·       Zubab

·       Omer

·       Saad

·       Zara

·       Fouzia

·       Ismail

·       Shazia

·       Talat

·       Anum

·       Areej

·       Shazia

·       Farha

·       Owais

·       Abdulla

·       Adnan

Timing : Woh Pagal Si
Daily at 7 : 00 PM Only On ARY Digital

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