Woh pagal si
episode 60, ary digital drama, 12th October 2022

In the next episode of who pagal si i.e who pagal
si episode 60 zaheens’ father asked to zaheen what happened? what did doctors said
zaheen replied that he said he hasn’t regained conscious yet. Just pray he
survives. My tongue is tired of praying. I just gave some charity as well. I am
worried about Sara. She must be devastated looking at her father like this. I
was a little harsh on her yesterday. I didn’t know this accident would happen
today. Mom, she isn’t coming back here now. That won’t be needed now. I can
write it down for you people.

What nonsense is this? If Sara doesn’t come
here, where will she go? This is her house. Who pagal si episode 60 is very interesting
and you will see lots of thrill and suspense in this episode.  Come on. She doesn’t think of this place as
her house. She thought of it as a rest house. I am praying God makes Mr. Ahsan
healthy. And he will forgive her and take her home. Isn’t what she’s waiting
for? Her father to call and her to run to him. What is Shabana saying? Will
Sara not come back here? Will she leave this house again?

Woh Pagal Si
Episode 60 Review

If this time, she leaves. Zaheen will be
completely broken. He loves Sara very much. He will not be able to live without
her. This isn’t the time for all this. Pray for Mr. Ahsan’s life and leave
everything else to God. He will make everything alright. Amen. We’re waiting
for the test reports. Doctor, is there any update? It looks like a minor injury
but since it was on his brain, a vein inside has been damaged. We cannot
operate him right now so we’re giving him medicines.

Story of Who Pagal

When Benifits Become Goals ‘Woh Pagal Si’ is
the story of a girl, named Sara, who is having difficulty adjusting with Shazma
– the second wife of her father, Ahsan.

Written by: Sadia Akhter
Directed By: Faisal Bukhari


·       Babar

·       Hira

·       Zubab

·       Omer

·       Saad

·       Zara

·       Fouzia

·       Ismail

·       Shazia

·       Talat

·       Anum

·       Areej

·       Shazia

·       Farha

·       Owais

·       Abdulla

·       Adnan

Timing : Woh Pagal Si
Daily at 7 : 00 PM Only On ARY Digital

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