Betiyaan Episode 2 | 09th October 2022 | Ary Digital Drama

Betiyaan is a story of an caring father, Laiq Ahmed, going through immense problems
for the love of his five daughters. Apart from the difficulties created by his
mother and divorced sister, he also has to deal with the dirt society throws at
him. Due to a little misunderstanding, his family is falling apart and Laiq
Ahmed is desperate to turn things around for his family. Betiyaan episode 2 is
aired on Ary Digital on 09th October 2022.

Writer: Asma

Meesam Naqvi


Effendi, Muhammad Ahmed, Mah-e-Noor Haider, Fahad Sheikh, Qudsia Ali, Tania
Hussain, Emaan Khan, Beena Masroor, Javeria Saud, Shahrayar Zaidi, Sabahat
Bukhari, Sajjad Pal, Saad Fareedi, Osama Tahir and others.

Betiyaan daily at 7:00 PM on

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