kaisi teri
khudgarzi episode 26, 19th October 2022, Ary Drama TV

the next episode of kaisi teri khudgarzi episode 26 shahmsheer know that his
father has removed him from his will. I’m worried for him, he hasn’t come home
since morning. What, he had disinherited him? Yes, I read it in the newspaper
in the morning. He left before I could tell him. His phone is switched off as
well. He has sold his phone. He sold it? yes sister, he required money. I told
him that he could borrow it from me. But he refused.

sure there could have been some other way to punish him. Our entire extended
family is being defamed by this. People are talking about all sorts of things.
Uncovering secret is what leads to defamation. Advertising what people already
know doesn’t lead to defamation. Don’t you think that this is a very harsh
decision? Sometimes one has to take harsh decisions. These are all happens in
the next episode of kaisi teri khudgarzi episode 26.

one’s children and one’s extended family. For the family name. How will this
help your son? Do you really think that girl loves Shamsher? It does seem so
apparently. As it should. She has laid on this scheme with great precision.

kaisi teri
khudgarzi episode 26 Review

thought that in the beginning as well. But if you look carefully you’ll see
that all of this is a show. For them, Shamsher is only a ladder. Their main
objective is me. And our family. This wealth. This luxurious life. But now
you’ve left Shamsher with nothing. I didn’t leave anything with him because I
want that girl to leave him.

kaisi teri
khudgarzi total episodes

you talk about how many episodes this drama consists of, so far 23 episodes of
this drama have been aired and considering its popularity, it seems that about
35 episodes of this drama will run and according to popularity of this drama
kaisi teri khudgarzi taotal episode in between 35-40.


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