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kaisi teri khudgarzi episode 25, 12th October 2022, Ary Drama TV


kaisi teri khudgarzi episode 25, 12th October 2022, Ary Drama TV

In the next episode of drama kaisi teri khudgarzi episode 25 you will see that Mr. Shamsher Dilawar Yes sir It's your turn, you can go inside. I've been sitting here for a long time. Even the candidates who came after me left two hours ago. Do you think that we only conduct interviews here? Do you think we don't have any other work here I didn't mean that, I'm sorry. Go inside.

I know that you're sitting in front of me. But I'm a little busy. Sorry, sir. So you want a job. I need it for the reason everyone wants a job. But you're not like everyone else. I'm sorry sir, I don't get your point I didn't understand as well when your father put me and many others like me out on the streets. Sir, I came here for a job interview, I request you to ask a question regarding me. These are all happens in the next episode of kaisi teri khudgarzi episode 25.

Regarding you? You're a spoiled child of a wealthy and dissolute man. Whom his father has removed from his will this morning. In reality, you are being punished for your father's sins. Slowly gradually your father will be punished for the sins he committed. Are you done? I have no job for you. If I want I can break your jaw. But you're lucky that you've found me in an unlucky state.

kaisi teri khudgarzi episode 25 Review

As far as my father is concerned, I'm sure he must have done awful things in his life. But looking at you, whatever he did to you... was just. Greetings sister. Greetings to you too. Brother Shahmeer, where is Shamsher? He didn't come here to me. He had an interview today, and he was supposed to come home after that. Has he not reached home? No, he hasn't.

kaisi teri khudgarzi total episodes

If you talk about how many episodes this drama consists of, so far 23 episodes of this drama have been aired and considering its popularity, it seems that about 35 episodes of this drama will run and according to popularity of this drama kaisi teri khudgarzi taotal episode in between 35-40.

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