Siyani Episode 92, 16th
November 2022, Har Pal Geo Drama

In the Siyani Episode 92 you will see that Qausar asked to
her Grandma that she forgot to make juice, just like you forgot to get me a
dress on my Angela’s birthday. Oh, come here my lovely daughter. My princess. I
am so sorry. Actually, I am not well. When your papa comes, we will go. Okay?
Leave it, papa doesn’t have time. Zoya, what type of dress do you want.

Hey Ujala, you will do really good if you do this. You will
be doing me a favour. Zoya, go tell Qausar to take out the car. Go, come on. Hey
Naveen. Wait. Naveen, listen what happened, Fine, I will make you do a lot of shopping.
Okay? Don’t run. How will I run after you, Naveen. Naveen, wait. Naveen.
Naveen, don’t run. These are all happens in the next Siyani Episode 92.

She is my daughter and I name her as Naveen. Say hello to
aunt. Child, Your father or is there anyone else with you, She is the daughter
of that woman, she is unconscious, can you please and help her Grandmother.  Hello. Hello, Zohaib, your mother fainted in
the mall here. Siyani Episode 92 is very intersting and you will see lots of
thrill in it.

I am taking her to the hospital, you can please come. Okay,
I am coming, which hospital? Okay fine, I am coming, don’t worry, I am coming. Please
help me in getting her up please. Don’t get worried, your grandmother will be
fine. Ujala, where is mother.  You don’t
worry, please, doctor said that this all happened because she got a low blood
pressure but now the blood pressure is in control, you can meet her.

Story of Siyani
Episode 89

Hailing from a lower-middle-class family, Kiran is a selfish
and arrogant girl who aspires to achieve a lifestyle through mending her ways
and taking shortcuts. Kiran’s mother Nusrat Ara is aware of her daughter’s
nature and doesn’t stop her from doing anything. On the contrary, Ujala is a
well-mannered and beautiful girl who lives with Kiran’s family and strives to
become independent.

Cast of Drama
Serial Siyani :

Anmol Baloch – Kiran

Usama Khan – Zohaib

Saniya Shamshad – Ujala

Mohsin Abbas Haider – Zarbaab

Erum Akhter – Reema

Tipu Shareef – Bakhtiyar

Parveen Akbar – Fazeelat

Beena Chaudhary – Nusrat

Hashim Butt

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