Betiyaan Episode 42
| 11th Novermber 2022 | Ary Digital Drama

In the next episode of Betiyaan Episode 42 you
will see that She’s an innocent and simple girl. Still, you’ve made an issue out
of it. You’ve become stubborn. If parents become stubborn then children only
get ruined. Sit here, I’ll go check it out. My dear, call your mother, we have
to be somewhere. She’s on her way. My dear, bring something for the guests. Why
are you guys here, is everything alright? We came here to return this stuff.

These are the gifts you gave to Anum at her
engagement. Brother has returned everything. Still check and see if anything is
missing. This is the ring you gave to Anum. We should get going Salma. Wait. I
want to talk to you two. Please sit down. Please take all of this back. I want
this relationship to stand, these are all things do in Betiyaan Episode 42 I’ve
made a grave mistake. I started thinking about the world, rather than my son’s

You jumping from breaking and amending this
relationship. Once a relationship is formed, it is maintained. Please don’t
take what he said the wrong way. This decision is not in my hands. This
decision has to be made by brother Naeem. But don’t worry, we will give your
message to him. After that, whatever his decision may be. Please allow us to
leave, farewell. Betiyaan Episode 42 is very intersting and you will see lot of
drama in it.  Why did you stop me? I
wanted to tell her off. She broke the engagement and now she wants to amend it.
Will we do whatever they ask of us?

Betiyaan drama Cast
& Characters | Ary Digital Drama | New Drama

After the success of the drama serial Woh Pagal
Si, now ARY Digital has a new one the drama called Betiyaan has been aired.
Betian drama will be aired daily at 7 pm on ARY digital TV. You will be able to
watch this drama every day on ary digital tv instead of who pagal si.


·        Fahad

·        Fatima
Effendi Kanwar,

·        Mah-e-Noor

·        Qudsia

·        Syed
Mohammed Ahmed,

Tania Hussain


·        Meesam

·        Genre:

·        Drama,

·        Release:

·        October
8, 2022

·        Timing:

·        Daily
7pm (PKT)

·        Channel:

·        ARY

·        Writer:

·        Asma

·        Producer:

·        Fahad

·        Production:

·        BigBang

·        Share:

·        Story
of the Drama

·        Betiyaan
– Cast & Characters

·        Fahad

·        Fatima
Effendi Kanwar

·        Mah-e-Noor

·        Qudsia

·        Tania

·        Syed
Mohammed Ahmed

Drama Betiyaan
aired date

Drama serial betiyaan release on 8th October
2002 on ary drama serial, this drama is daily telecast on ary at 7:00pm.

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