Bakhtawar Episode 17 , 20th
November 2022, HUM TV Drama

In the Bakhtawar Episode 17 you will see that Jamshaid think
Bakhtu should also be fired along with Ameen. Bakhtu will stay here and will
keep working here. There is game going on under your nose. Bakhtu is not what
he looks like. I am not scared of anyone. You will be punished for sure. Be
ready to face the consequences. Do you think Hooriya might have planned all
this herself.  What do you mean by
opponents Bakhtu. Bakhtu,  Look Sir, the
report that I have …If I will give it to some news channel, they will pay.

You have already taken enough money from Hooriya Madam.  You can only talk. You can’t do anything
practical. Ok Sir. Then the report that I have, I shall give that straight to a
news channel. Then it’s between you and the media. You scoundrel! You are threatening
me. I will skin you alive right here. Get lost. Ok Sir. Good day Sir. I was
about to leave anyways. Theser are all happens in the Bakhtawar Episode 17.  The food was very good and so was the tea.
Our staff is so good.

After all, we hire servants very carefully. They are not as
good as much as you have spoiled them. Really then you can bring them down when
you come. By the way, there is good news. Bakhtu has quit the job. Are you
happy now? Come on. Do you think such ordinary people hold any importance for
me? It doesn’t matter to me. Bakhtawar Episode 17 is very intersting and you
will see lots of thrill and suspense it. 
Hmm. I know. But the majority of the people in our country belong to
this category.

Bakhtawar Episode
17 Story

Bringing to you the first look of one of the most anticipated
drama serial – Bakhtawar. The journey of a young headstrong girl trying to
escape her troubled home, difficulties and pain and create a better tomorrow
for herself.

Written by Nadia Akhtar, directed by Shahid Shafaat and
produced by Momina Duraid.

Bakhtawar – Cast
& Characters

·       Yumna Zaidi as

·       Noor ul Hassan
as Razzaq (Bakhtawar’s s father)

·       Huma Nawab as
Shareefa (Bakhtawar’s mother)

·  Adnan Shah Tipu as
Hameed (Shareefa’s brother & Bakhtawar’s uncle)


·       Kauser
Siddiqui as Hameed’s wife

·       Ali Wasi Kazmi
as Ahad

·       Salma Asim as

·       Zaviyar Nauman
as Malik Dilawar

·      Qaiser Khan
Nizamani as Malik Sherzaman (Dilawar’s father)

·       Fazila Qazi as
Dilawar’s mother

·       Saqib Sumeer
as Nazar

·       Sunil Shankar
as Sheeda

·       Noreen Gulwani
as Hooriya

·       Babar Ali as
Dastagir (Hooriya’s father)

·       Mizna Waqas

·       Sachal Afzal

·       Urooj Abbas

·       Shamoon Abbasi
as Mohsin

·       Sana Khan

·       Saima Kanwal

·       Akhyar Khalid

·       Maryam Shaikh

·       Mantasha Kiani

·       Maham Nadeem

·       Khizar Gul

·       Aslam Sheikh

·       Anees Alam

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