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Telenor announced a new feature for Telenor customers to get free MBs to solve the current Telenor Quiz by giving correct answers through My Telenor app. This event found great interest among the audience. Answering daily survey questions gets free internet MBs. Use my Telenor app to save on Telenor bundles. Telenor customers may like this feature.

If you have problems with this feature, its packages are very easy to install. In addition, Telenor has a free customer service number that you can call to get help with this problem. You can find answers to all Telenor questions here. Links to answers and questions are provided below. Get the daily Telenor answers you need by visiting our website.

If you need to search for Telenor answers to my Telenor app test Test your skills? Now that I have completed the quiz and won the quiz. Open the My Telenor app, then select “Test your skills” from the menu on the left side of the screen.

Today Telenor Quiz 25 November 2022

By answering these questions in My Telenor app Telenor Quiz Answers Today, you can get free extra MB internet through “My Telenor App”. These Telenor Quiz Today free internet MBs are valid for one day only.

Let me explain how you can get free internet MBs using My Telenor app.

My Telenor apps question answer

Telenor has launched a new service. Many people have benefited from this service. Answering everyday questions allows people to get free internet. My Telenor app is easy to use and many Telenor packages can be obtained at very competitive prices through this app. Telenor customers will greatly benefit from this feature. Telenor helpline is also available to ask about this issue and you can easily troubleshoot if you have problems using the feature.

My Telenor App Download

Where can I find answers to my Telenor application questions? Now I have answered all the questions and won the test. Next, tap “Test your skills” at the bottom of the My Telenor App menu;

“My Telenor App” provides some free online information to the answers to the following questions. These refunds will allow you to earn Mbs of free internet the next day.

My Telenor app gives you the opportunity to earn MBs on the Internet.

You can find all the questions here. The links below will take you directly to the answer and question. Get practical answers to our daily questions by visiting our site daily.

My Telenor Answers all the questions correctly to win Telenor daily 50MB Monthly 1500MB and enters into a Telenor lucky draw.

Thank you for completing the Telenor today quiz successfully.

Telenor Quiz Answers 2022, Telenor test your skills today answers

My Telenor app question and answer. You can also find the answers to all the questions on our website. We’ve posted Telenor daily updates daily and updated them daily. We will update this page with new answers and questions as they arise. The information you will find on this site will be of great help as you strive to improve your skills.

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Telenor Quiz Answers Today 25 November 2022

Question 1: What is the substitute man in cricket called?



Twelfth man


Answer: Twelfth man

Question 2: Who hit the memorable sixer from Pakistani team in the 1992 World Cup finale?

J. Miandad

Imran khan

Moin Khan

Shahid Afridi

Answer: J. Miandad

Question 3: How many maximum overs can a bowler get in a T20 match?





Answer: 4

Question 4: How many off field umpires does a cricket game have?





Answer: 1

Question 5: When there is no run scored against the bowler in an over, the over is called?

Power Over

Super Over


Maiden Over

Answer: Maiden Over

Thank you!

Telenor Answers Today 25 Nov 2022

You can find the Today Telenor question answers here if you are a regular visitor. You will complete the quiz and get free MB from Telenor.

To have access to free internet, users must now answer 5 daily questions using the My Telenor app. Google has become a popular destination for those seeking this service and the answers it provides. If you can properly answer these questions, Telenor will provide you with up to 50 MB of daily free data.

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