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Bakhtawar Episode 16, 6th November 2022, HUM TV Drama


Bakhtawar Episode 16, 6th November 2022, HUM TV Drama

In the Bakhtawar Episode 15 you will see that Bakhtu’s sister and Junior Mr. Malik have a special bond. She is wearing her brother’s shoes. What is the matter? He is trying to blackmail me. I feel that… Many things are done secretly I thought you will bring your Sister along. You have no right to ask such questions. Just be mindful, she has gone since morning, she might not have runaway. There is no need of accusing for no reason.

Talk if you have any proof. Sister-in-law, why are you shouting on your tenant for no reason. It’s nothing, It’s our house, it’s our will. He is my friend, my best friend, tell me if there is a problem. I said there is no problem. We are the owners of this house … It is our right to interrogate. Sure, go ahead, interrogate. Bakhtu! Will you tell her or should I tell her? Hmm … hmm … hmm. Ok I will tell her. These are all happens in the bakhtawar episode 15.  Bakhtu, me and his siste went to the college to submit the papers.

Then we went to drop her at the station. She has gone to the village. I was with both of them since morning. Absolutely! Isn’t it Bakhtu? Since when did you become so close to them? They never paid any attention to us. Did you get a distinction after returning from jail? You are hanging out together. Sister, we have buried all the old matters.

Bakhtawar – Cast & Characters

·       Yumna Zaidi as Bakhtawar

·       Noor ul Hassan as Razzaq (Bakhtawar’s s father)

·       Huma Nawab as Shareefa (Bakhtawar’s mother)

·       Adnan Shah Tipu as Hameed (Shareefa’s brother & Bakhtawar’s uncle)

·       Kauser Siddiqui as Hameed’s wife

·       Ali Wasi Kazmi as Ahad

·       Salma Asim as Sakina

·       Zaviyar Nauman as Malik Dilawar

·       Qaiser Khan Nizamani as Malik Sherzaman (Dilawar’s father)

·       Fazila Qazi as Dilawar’s mother

·       Saqib Sumeer as Nazar

·       Sunil Shankar as Sheeda

·       Noreen Gulwani as Hooriya

·       Babar Ali as Dastagir (Hooriya’s father)

·       Mizna Waqas

·       Sachal Afzal

·       Urooj Abbas

·       Shamoon Abbasi as Mohsin

·       Sana Khan

·       Saima Kanwal

·       Akhyar Khalid

·       Maryam Shaikh

·       Mantasha Kiani

·       Maham Nadeem

·       Khizar Gul

·       Aslam Sheikh

·       Anees Alam

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