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Siyani Episode 91, 16th November 2022, Har Pal Geo Drama

Siyani Episode 91, 16th November 2022, Har Pal Geo Drama

In the episode 91 of Siyani you will see that the thing is just that should I marry Ujala or not,  Sister it shouldn’t be your concern. I really respect you and I wouldn’t want you to speak in this matter.

Yes, then fine. When you people have to do what you want, then what is the need to tell the people at home.  Do whatever you people wants. What is the need for you people to talk about all this in front of her, You know her temperament.

I have gotten used to it, you people refrain from it. Why are you talking about other things? Why don’t you say something? You can say what you want. Are you upset with me? No. No, Ujala. There is no question of getting upset with you. In fact, when I mentioned you to Asim, he got upset with me. These are all happens in the Siyani Episode 91,  the first objection he made was that you are young in age. You are really young.\

And the second objection he had was that he is marrying because of Zoya. If a girl brings up my daughter, then I should also be of some use to her. Actually, he wants to marry a widow with a child or a divorcee. My son has a good heart, even after living in America. He is really good. Siyani episode 91 is very intersting and you will see lots of thrill in it,  you know I am really proud of my son  and even if you had said yes, he would have said no.

Story of Siyani Episode 89

Hailing from a lower-middle-class family, Kiran is a selfish and arrogant girl who aspires to achieve a lifestyle through mending her ways and taking shortcuts. Kiran’s mother Nusrat Ara is aware of her daughter’s nature and doesn’t stop her from doing anything. On the contrary, Ujala is a well-mannered and beautiful girl who lives with Kiran’s family and strives to become independent.

Cast of Drama Serial Siyani :

Anmol Baloch - Kiran

Usama Khan - Zohaib

Saniya Shamshad - Ujala

Mohsin Abbas Haider - Zarbaab

Erum Akhter - Reema

Tipu Shareef - Bakhtiyar

Parveen Akbar - Fazeelat

Beena Chaudhary - Nusrat

Hashim Butt


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