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Story of Siyani Drama

Hailing from a
lower-middle-class family, Kiran is a selfish and arrogant girl who aspires to
achieve a lifestyle through mending her ways and taking shortcuts. Kiran’s
mother Nusrat Ara is aware of her daughter’s nature and doesn’t stop her from
doing anything. On the contrary, Ujala is a well-mannered and beautiful girl
who lives with Kiran’s family and strives to become independent. Siyani episode
121 aried on Monday and people are looking for last episode of siyani drama,
and also the audies wants to know siyani drama total episodes consists off.

Zarbab, a handsome young
man who belongs to an influential and wealthy family. His first meeting with
Kiran turns out to be magical as he falls in love at first sight. Kiran sees
him as a way to advance forward in life and builds a web of lies and deceit
around Zarbab. On the other hand, Ujala is forced to live a life deprived of
love and unfulfilled dreams. Total episodes of siyani dramas will be between
150-160 depending upon the story

Will Ujala ever find the
love and respect that she deserves? After building her life on lies and
deception, how long will Kiran be able to conceal the truth?

Written By: Sadia Akhtar

Directed By: Ali Akbar

Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani &
Asad Qureshi Production

House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Siyani drama total episodes:

Siyani drama is one of the
most popular drama of Har Pal Geo, Siyani drama aired daily on Har Pal Geo. It is
one of the most rating drama on Television. So far 121 episodes of siyani
dramas are aried on TV. This drama is become more popular in ladies and
teenager. It we talk about siyani drama total episode it would be round about
150-160 episode of siyani drama.

Siyani Drama Cast :

Anmol Baloch

Kiran Usama Khan

Zohaib Saniya


Ujala Mohsin Abbas Haider

Zarbaab Erum Akhter

Reema Tipu Shareef

Bakhtiyar Parveen Akbar

Fazeelat Beena Chaudhary

Nusrat Hashim Butt

Siyani Drama Cast | total episodes

Mohsin Abbas Haider

Mohsin Abbas Haider is set to lead the
cast in this serial. He first appeared on TV as a singer for reality shows like
Mazaq Raat then he appeared in films and become a successful star in no time.

Siyani drama total episodes | total episode of siyani drama | Har Pal Geo Dramas

Anmol Baloch

Siyani drama total episodes | total episode of siyani drama | Har Pal Geo Dramas

Saniya Shamshad 

Siyani drama total episodes | total episode of siyani drama | Har Pal Geo Dramas



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