Siyani Episode 139 promo,
27th December 2022, Har Pal Geo Drama

In the siyani episode 139 promo you will see
that Zohaib, how can I make you trust that I have no connection with her.
Ujala, last time I forgive you because of my family, if you will lie to me this
time, I will not forgive you. Slowly, please. I have done the biggest mistake
of my life to trust Naval, I cannot do this again Zohaib,  lease I swear, please trust me, I have no
connection with her.

If you are sad that Naveen is lost, I am more
disappointed than you, if you are her father, so I am also her mother, so what
if I am  step mother? I haven’t given
birth to her but I have upbrought her, I was awake for her for days and nights,
how can you have doubts on my sincerity?  No one is having any doubts on your sincerity,
we all know, you loved her more than her own mother. These are all happens in
the siyani episode 139 promo.

You have to pay the penalty of this, I am
telling you. Zohaib. How can Naval do this again? What do we have to do now?
Police station or house? What will we do to go to the house, let’s go to police
station, we have to submit FIR on Naval. Naval, hasn’t done this Zohaib. siyani
episode 139 promo is very interesting and you will see lots of new things in

Story of Siyani
Episode 139 promo

Hailing from a lower-middle-class family, Kiran
is a selfish and arrogant girl who aspires to achieve a lifestyle through
mending her ways and taking shortcuts. Kiran’s mother Nusrat Ara is aware of
her daughter’s nature and doesn’t stop her from doing anything. On the
contrary, Ujala is a well-mannered and beautiful girl who lives with Kiran’s
family and strives to become independent.

Cast of Drama
Serial Siyani :

Anmol Baloch – Kiran

Usama Khan – Zohaib

Saniya Shamshad – Ujala

Mohsin Abbas Haider – Zarbaab

Erum Akhter – Reema

Tipu Shareef – Bakhtiyar

Parveen Akbar – Fazeelat

Beena Chaudhary – Nusrat

Hashim Butt 

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