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In the tere bin episode 18 you will
see that
What is this, Haya? It broke down again? Your
phone is not working? Her phone broke down and you came to save her like an
angel. What is the issue? No mama, she was saying since last night that the
phone is not working, it has broken down. If the phone is working, then you get
it fixed, or do you throw it like this?  these things come for free? It wasn’t working
so I threw it. I am telling you something, I cannot tolerate the anger and
emotions of girls. Get a grip on yourself.

She threw the phone. Idiot, do you want to get
beaten by Maa Begum? I don’t want to get beaten, she wants to beat me. Your
actions are such. What is wrong in what I did? What is the need to throw a
mobile that is fine? Murtasim is not answering my call. Oh, so you will break
everything of yours for brother? So what else could I do? Firstly, he went with
Meerab and then I have been calling for so long, he is not answering a single
call. Haya. Haya, stop this madness of yours. These are all happens in the tere bin episode 18.

This is not madness, it is love. This is the
longing of love. Yes, and you are suffering alone in this. The torture I am
going through, I want everyone to suffer in it. God forbid. Why? Have you given
someone your heart that you are saying this? All this is for that Meerab. Stop,
master. Stop, don’t go there, master. It is night Bakhtu, I want Meerab before
morning. Master, we cannot enter their land without their permission. It is a
matter of my respect, my life. tere bin episode 18 is
very interesting and you will see lots of new things in it.

Master, if madam was here, we would have found
her, we are looking for her for so long, master. She is here. She is here. You
go and look over there. Go. What is this? She is here, somewhere. She is here.
Come on. Quickly. Murtasim. Murtasim. Murtasim. Hey, put it down. Put it down. Master,
you are here? Maybe, you made a mistake of coming here. I am at the wrong
place, but at the right time. Khan, this is Malik Mukhtar’s land…I know. Khan,
you know you don’t have permission to come here. If Malik finds out then our
children… I will take permission? I will take permission? tere bin episode 18 aired on Har Pal Geo TV.

Bin Har Pal Geo Dramas Writer

Nooran Makhdoom

Siraj ul Haq

Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Bin Har Pal Geo Dramas Cast :

Zaidi as Meerab

Ali as Murtasim

Ansari as Salma

Sameer as Anwar

Farooq as Haya

Soomro as Maryam

Qazi as Aneela

Ally Agha as Waqas

Pasha as Sabra

Aslam as Malik Mukhtaar



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