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Sar e Rah episode 3 promo | 11th February 2022 | ARY Digital Drama

Sar e Rah episode 3 promo | 11th February 2022 | ARY Digital Drama

In the sar e rah episode 3 promo Rania look nothing shall happen to your father if something happened to him then we where will we go? what will happen to us? nothing should happen to him be careful uncle, your bedroom is here be careful sit here carefully how many times I've told your mother, not to give me this pillow! uncle, please don't be angry. Here is the other pillow dad, the doctor has advised you not to talk loudly 125000 rupees! the doctors have made the bill of 125000 rupees for only 4 days at the hospital.

Mom, dad had a surgery & they have placed a stent too yes! but  25000 rupees is not a small amount and you are telling me about the stent! what they have done more than 8000 to 100000 rupees mom, tell me what is the use of getting into this discussion? be thankful to God that dad came home but I gave you only 60000 rupees, from where you have arranged the rest of the money? I had a savings of 20000 and... I took a loan from someone for the rest of the money loan aunt, please don't take this favorite pillow of yours in front of uncle. These are all seen in sar e rah episode 3 promo.

Now you have to help me as well my mother shouldn't get to know at any cost that I gave you the money why are you so scared of your mother? oh! the mother's of young & mature sons specially the sons who earn, their mother's are not less than any investigating officers let your brother get a job somewhere, then you'll see your mother will do the same thing oh... just pray I pray to God that Hatim gets a job somehow ok listen! are you a book worm. sar e rah episode 3 promo is very interesting and you will see lots of new things in it..

Sar e Rah Episode 3 Story.

Sar-e-Rah will share the stories of women who are the victim of child marriages, girls who are being suffocated solely because of their gender, daughters who are unable to help their fathers as their honor will be at “stake” and a transgender who is being humiliated for his identity.

Sar e Rah Drama Writer and Director

Writer: Adeel Razzaq

Director: Ahmed Bhatti

Sar e Rah Drama Cast:

Saba Qamar,

Sunita Marshall,

Saboor Ali,

Muneeb Butt,

Hareem Farooq,

Mikaal Zulfiqar,

Saba Faisal,

Junaid Jamshed,

Sania Saeed,

Rashid Farooqui,

Javeria Saud,

Nazli Soomro,

Nabeel Zafar,

Fazila Qazi,

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