Tere Bin Episode 21 | 2nd March
2023| Har Pal Geo Dramas

In the tere bin episode 21 He is my heir, my brother’s last
attachment, nothing should happen to him. Nothing will happen to him. Sister in
law, stay calm. Here, drink water. I don’t want to drink water. My son is still
alive, nothing happened to him. Why do you have such a face? Murtasim is just
hurt a little, nothing else happened. He will be fine. He will be fine. I have
a lot of hopes from God. Call Anwar. Ask Anwar, did Murtasim regain
consciousness. Ask him. What are they saying? How is Murtasim now?

How is Murtasim? He has received a deep
injury on his head, I cannot say anything right now. So you do something. Save
him. Look, he has bled a lot, we are trying our best. You just pray, because
only prayers can save him now. We are praying, what are you doing? Save him. Anwar,
be strong. Be strong. Waqas, try and understand, if something happens to
tere bin episode 21 is very interesting
and you will see lots of new things and romance in it.

Then Meerab will get the entire blame.
What are you saying? This is an accident. Who will explain this to sister in
law? Nothing should happen to him. Nothing should happen to him. Him surviving
is really important. Him surviving is really important. You don’t mind what
Anwar said, he is worried for Murtasim and he fears what colour sister in law
will give to this accident. Don’t worry. I don’t understand anything. Oh God, I
don’t understand anything. Yes? What happened? Why the long face?
 These are all
happens in the tere bin episode 21
I cannot tell you, last night I slept so peacefully, I felt half my
work is done. Whose work, madam? My friend’s work. Okay Zena, we will go again
to the Bengali lady, in a few days. Okay? Yes, sure.

Marium, what happened? Why are you
crying? Marium. Something happened to Maa Begum? She was fine at night.Thank
God. Meerab. Did something happen with Meerab? Marium, tell me, did something
happen to Meerab? Haya, Meerab and brother Murtasim’s car had an accident. Meerab
is fine, but brother Murtasim is not fine. Everyone is saying that
tere bin episode 21 is telecast on 8th March
2023 on Har Pal Geo.  
there are very few chances of him
surviving. Murtasim.

Tere Bin Episode 20 Story:

is an ambitious and beautiful young girl who wants to pursue higher studies. Her
entire world revolves around her parents and she believes in them the most. Her
strong and confident personality makes her stand against social injustices
around her.

Tere Bin Har Pal Geo Dramas Writer

Nooran Makhdoom

Siraj ul Haq

Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Tere Bin Har Pal Geo Dramas Cast :

Zaidi as Meerab

Ali as Murtasim

Ansari as Salma

Sameer as Anwar

Farooq as Haya

Soomro as Maryam

Fazila Qazi
as Aneela

Ally Agha as Waqas

Pasha as Sabra

Aslam as Malik Mukhtaar



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