Tere Bin Episode 24 | 17th March
2023| Har Pal Geo Dramas

In the tere bin episode 24 you will
see that
whatever I will say, I will say with my heart
and the complete truth. I never had anything ever in my heart for Haya, neither
there is, nor there will be. Even if I didn’t get married to you, still getting
married to her was not possible. Now please, don’t start another argument on
this. I just feel bad for her. The way she goes around me, I don’t like it. That
is why I talk to her a little. And what do I even talk about, I just reply to
what she says, that’s it. There is no need to do that either. Don’t do anything
that gives her false hope.

If you stop everything, she will step back
herself. All my hopes are tied to just one person. Who? From my officially
wedded wife. Hmm? Have you ever seen yourself properly? Why? What happened?
Even when you are angry, you have a weird peace on your face. These eyes only
have love. Hmmm… interesting. Now was this too part of your plan? Not at all, but
now this has happened, so let’s make this moment special too. Yes? I don’t like
this power failure. Trust me, you will start to like it. You don’t let a hand
extended towards you go. These are all happens in the tere
bin episode 24.

If not love, then give me hope. What will hope
do? You won’t lose anything, yes, this night will become memorable for me. Please.
Murtasim, now what is this? Thanks to you. Thanks to me? I just hate winters.
So who told you to stand outside? Because you were standing there. So no one
would have eaten me. You are my wife, my responsibility. What do I do for you?
How will you get fine? Here you go. Make me a cup of herbal tea What? Herbal
tea. Murtasim, firstly, I cannot go to the kitchen right now and make it, because
I don’t know where things are. tere bin episode 24 is
very romantic and lots of romance in this episode.

Come in. It was cold outside, you and Murtasim
were in the lawn. I thought you would need this. One minute, how do you know he
caught a cold? We have life-long association. I know when and where Murtasim
needs what. You know, the wife should know these things. I know what he needs, you
leave. Take this cup and go from here. Thank you so much Haya, you made this,
you made food. But please leave from here right now. Please. Did you see, she
has an eye on everything about you. At least she knows what I want right now. tere bin episode 24 will aired on 17th March
2023 on Har Pal Geo.

You are really affectionate towards your Haya.
She was right, buddy. The wife should know what the husband needs at what time.
But anyway, you don’t consider me your husband, but consider me human at least.
Meerab, just like I am burning, you too will burn one day. Just like this. Meerab.
Meerab. What are you looking for? You scared me. Who told you to come here,
alone? I have to make herbal tea too. Wow, you are really worried for me. I am
not worried about you, I am worried for my request. Or else, Maa Begum will say
that I didn’t make this for her son, I didn’t care for him. tere bin is one of the most leading drama in the Pakistan showbiz.

Tere Bin Episode 24 Story:

is an ambitious and beautiful young girl who wants to pursue higher studies.
Her entire world revolves around her parents and she believes in them the most.
Her strong and confident personality makes her stand against social injustices
around her.

Tere Bin Har Pal Geo Dramas Writer

Nooran Makhdoom

Siraj ul Haq

Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Tere Bin Har Pal Geo Dramas Cast :

Zaidi as Meerab

Ali as Murtasim

Ansari as Salma

Sameer as Anwar

Farooq as Haya

Soomro as Maryam

Qazi as Aneela

Ally Agha as Waqas

Pasha as Sabra

Aslam as Malik Mukhtaar



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