Qalandar Episode 50
| 1st  April 2023 | Har Pal
Geo Dramas

In the
drama serial Qalandar Episode 50 you will see that I don’t understand, man. I
don’t understand anything. I cannot tolerate her pain. I am getting weird
thoughts in my head. Weird. Weird thoughts. God forbid if something happens to
her… Nothing will happen to her, Tabriaz. What is wrong with you? God will
make everything fine, be strong. if something happens to her I will die.
Tabraiz, what has happened to you? I will bring water. Don’t bring anything.
Dur e Adan, you please pray for her. Your prayers have a lot of impact. If you
pray to God, God will surely accept your prayers.

Pray for
my child’s life. Pray to God that he doesn’t punish my child for my sins. Tabraiz,
I will pray. You don’t worry at all. Everything will be fine. You sit here. Sit
here, I will give you water. Drink some water. I want to go right now and teach
this woman a lesson that her and her family cannot forget till they are alive. But
what can I do, I am also helpless. But I will not tolerate all this for long. The
princess is sleeping with no worries, and here I am burning with anger. I will
not leave her. She is cheating me, huh?  Qalandar
Episode 50 is very interesting and you will see lots of new things in it.

fools me. She doesn’t know me right now. Pulse? 100. Sumbul. Sumbul. Sumbul,
open your eyes. Do you hear me, Sumbul? Yes, I hear you. You are really brave.
Don’t cry, we will just call Tabraiz. Sumbul. What is the matter? Why is she
not talking? She is under the influence of medication. She is unconscious, it will
take some time. But whenever she regains consciousness, she asks for her
husband, I don’t see him here. He is busy. He should take care of her. He
should be with her in this time. Sumbul, my love, these are all happens in the Qalandar
Episode 50.

you know
you are my life. Please open your eyes, child. There is no point, she doesn’t
hear your voice. Nobody gives me hope. No one says my daughter will stay alive.
Someone console me. Take all my money from me, but return my daughter’s health.
I think whenever she wakes up, she won’t even be able to stand on her feet. Will
she able to tolerate it? Look, you don’t lose hope. Take her abroad. We have
tried our best, you are rich, you can try. It is possible that she gets treated
abroad. Qalandar Episode 50 aired on Har Pal Geo on 1st April 2023.

Qalandar Drama Story Har Pal Geo

is a story of a girl’s firm belief in her God and His decisions while the rest
of the world continues to hurt, defame and challenge her.

is a young and innocent girl who has grown up under the care of her uncle and
aunt. Despite being an orphan at an early age, Dur-e-Adan doesn’t complain
about her challenges and difficulties.

On the contrary,
Tabriz is a handsome young man who aspires to achieve great things in life.
Living in the same locality, Tabriz’s parents find Dur-e-Adan suitable for him
as a life partner. However, Tabriz’s life takes a surprising turn when Sumbul
hailing from a wealthy family falls in love with him. In efforts to secure his
future financially, Tabriz forgets the gift that he has been bestowed in the
form of Dur-e-Adan for this world and hereafter. Soon, Tabriz’s
half-heartedness and conflicting loyalties in the form of greed begins to
reflect in his relationship with Dur-e-Adan.

all the atrocities faced by Dur-e-Adan will she continue to be patient with
those around her? Will Tabriz realize the respect and love that Dur-e-Adan
deserves or will he continue to hurt her? Will Tabriz be able to mend his
relationship with Dur-e-Adan?

: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Head of
: Mikaal Zulfiqar

: Samra Bukhari

: Saima Waseem

: 7th Sky Entertainment

Cast of Qalandar | Total Episodes :

Butt as Tabrez

Meer as Dur-e-Adan

Abbas as Irfan

Aziz as Sumbul

Abbas as Safiya

Mehmood as Yaqoob

Noor ul
Hassan as Ayub

Hamza as Gullu

Tahir as Ehsaan

Malik as Rahat

Abbas as Tanveer

Amir as Sheena

Afzal Khuwaja as Aneela

Chaudhry as Haneef

Khan as Qudsia

Razzak as Shafeeq

Ali as Nomi

Muhammad as Azki

Khan as Johi



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