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Drama Serial Tere Bin Episode 28 | March 23rd 2023 | Har Pal Geo Drams

Drama Serial Tere Bin Episode 28 |  March 23rd 2023 | Har Pal Geo Drams

In the tere bin episode 28  you will see that How do I sort this issue. Murtasim had to go right now. Why am I calling him? He will find out that my phone is on. Madam, this is for you. Why did you bring this? I had eaten already. You get hungry in this condition again and again, so Maa Begum sent this and she has instructed that you also have milk before sleeping. Hey, why are you sitting here? Madam, Maa Begum has said that I stay with you till you sleep. No. No. Get up. I don’t need it, you go and sleep. Madam, I will stand outside the door, you call out to me and ask me to come. Fena, I don’t need you. You go and sleep. Madam, how can I ignore Ma begum’s order?

Okay, do one thing, peel fruits for me. Yes, sure. Madam, you take a lot of care of yourself and take every step carefully. And madam Haya… Madam Haya? Madam, I shouldn’t say this, but she doesn’t like you a lot. What is new in that? Everyone knows this. By the way, she must have lost her life hearing this news. She must have locked herself in the room. Madam, in the room, she is not at home. Why? Where has she gone? Madam, she went to the village with Khan. tere bin episode 28  is very interesting and lot of romance in it.

Where did she go? To the village with Khan. When? It has been two days, did no one tell you? Did Murtasim take her? Maa Begum sent her to take care of Khan. Madam, you don’t worry in this tension. Just shut up. Where are you going? I am going to the village. So late at night? Yes, so late at night. Go tell the driver to take out the car. Madam, Maa Begum will get upset. What am I saying Fena? Tell the drive to take out the car, or I will drive and go myself. Madam, Maa Begum will kill me. Do you not understand? Do you want me to drive myself? These are all happens in the tere bin episode 28 .

Madam, don’t do that. Then go tell the driver. Madam…Fena, go, I am telling you. Even when you are not here, you are here more than me. Why?

Why does Murtasim remember you more than me? You will have to be mine, Murtasim. You will have to give me this love, because only I have a right on it. I will not get this opportunity again, nor this reason. So why are you wasting such an opportunity, Haya? Go. Go to him right.  tere bin episode 28  aired on har pal geo on 23rd March 2023.

Tere Bin Episode 27 Story:

Meerab is an ambitious and beautiful young girl who wants to pursue higher studies. Her entire world revolves around her parents and she believes in them the most. Her strong and confident personality makes her stand against social injustices around her.

Tere Bin Har Pal Geo Dramas Writer

Writer: Nooran Makhdoom

Director: Siraj ul Haq

Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Tere Bin Har Pal Geo Dramas Cast :

Yumna Zaidi as Meerab

Wahaj Ali as Murtasim

Bushra Ansari as Salma

Sohail Sameer as Anwar

Sabeena Farooq as Haya

Hira Soomro as Maryam

Fazila Qazi as Aneela

Farhan Ally Agha as Waqas

Seemi Pasha as Sabra

Mahmood Aslam as Malik Mukhtaar

Haris Waheed

Agha Mustafa

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