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Sar e Rah episode 6 | 04th March 2023| ARY Digital Drama

Sar e Rah episode 6 | 04th March 2023| ARY Digital Drama

In the sar e rah episode 6 My result just came in. I passed and look at the coincidence. Pray for him, nothing will happen to him. Prayers are effective. God willing, he'll be alright. We're almost there now. Your fare... It's six hundred. Six hundred, okay. I have five thousand. You must have the change for it. No, I don't have If you don't, then it will take us more time to find change for it There is no one here. How will we don't give it to me... go to your father. No.... listen. My name is Sarim Shabbir

My father's name is Shabbir Ahmed. Can you find the change and bring it for me inside? Please you can do that much for me. Alright. Ok Stop here. My name is Sarim Shabbir and my father's name is Shabbir Ahmed. I'm trusting you. Thank you! Mother... what happened to father? Mother tell me. Hikan, tell me... what happened to father? Doctors are saying it's a severe heart attack, he might not be able to survive. sar e rah episode 6 is very interesting and you will see lots of new things in it.

Then why aren't they letting me meet father? Why aren't they allowing me in? Educated fool, don't you know that one can't just walk into an ICU? This seems like an expensive hospital to me. What if they ask us to deposit more money? So? Shabbir Ahmed's cash cow is here, he will take care of it. Are you with Shabbir Ahmed? Yes... who are you? His son Sarim... I want to meet him... You're looking for Sarim? Yes. Who are you? What do you want with Sarim? I'm a taxi driver, I'm here to return his change.  These are all happens in the sar e rah episode 6.

Sar e Rah Episode 6 Story.

Sar-e-Rah will share the stories of women who are the victim of child marriages, girls who are being suffocated solely because of their gender, daughters who are unable to help their fathers as their honor will be at “stake” and a transgender who is being humiliated for his identity.

Sar e Rah Drama Writer and Director

Writer: Adeel Razzaq

Director: Ahmed Bhatti

Sar e Rah Drama Cast:

Saba Qamar,

Sunita Marshall,

Saboor Ali,

Muneeb Butt,

Hareem Farooq,

Mikaal Zulfiqar,

Saba Faisal,

Junaid Jamshed,

Sania Saeed,

Rashid Farooqui,

Javeria Saud,

Nazli Soomro,

Nabeel Zafar,

Fazila Qazi,

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