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Yunhi Episode 7 | HUM TV Drama | 19th March 2023

Yunhi Episode 7 | HUM TV Drama | 19th  March 2023

In the yunhi episode 7 you will see that What? And pray. That your brother gets a chance. I am a black belt. Our Iqbal will get settled this way. And Naveed will keep her very happy. Such a loser! : I am not a loser … I am intelligent. Father, you as it is…. You have forgiven Naveed anyways.  And Naveed …is our own blood relation, He is your nephew … He will keep her very happy. Our Iqbal will get settled this way. She has taken a divorce since such a long time.  If Naveed has any regret in his heart or is embarrassed.  He will never refuse to this proposal.

Father! At least try talking to him once. How is this possible? How? But it is not inappropriate as well. It can be given a thought. Hey Daniyal! You are sitting here. I thought you must have taken your cousin for a city tour. Man! Destiny is not favoring me. Why? What happened? yunhi episode 7 is very interesting and you will see lots of thrill init. Though I had thought to give her a city tour. But the first step went wrong. We went out to get the dollars exchanged. The dacoits attacked us. The dacoits attacked? I did what every intelligent person has to do. To give everything quietly. But … she got into a fight with the dacoits.

Look at my fate. Even the dacoit’s gun was fake. Oh! This was very bad man. Obviously! Instead of showing her around I have just dropped her home. She is a very sharp girl…man … But what she did was very stupid.

She definitely did a stupid thing. But she became a hero by doing this and me a zero. Why do you worry? She is still here … You will get more chances to impress her. For now, she is getting a wrong impression of me.  These are all happens in the yunhi episode 7.

Yunhi Episode 7 Story

Yunhi’ is a romantic drama serial directed by Muhammad Ehteshamuddin, featuring the versatile Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf in lead roles. The serial tells the story of Dawood, a simple-minded man, and Kaneez Fatima, a strong-headed woman, who come from the same cultural background but have grown up in different societies.

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