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Yunhi Episode 8 | HUM TV Drama | 19th March 2023

Yunhi Episode 8 | HUM TV Drama | 19th  March 2023

In the yunhi episode 8 you will see that Hey Daniyal! Forget about Pakistan Think only about America for now. Buddy…Your future is in America only. Tea party is happening. Come … will you have tea? Yes, of course. Here you go. Thank you! So … where did you and Dani visit? Ah! It’s a long story I don’t want to repeat. In short, we came back. What? That’s great. He was not taking me along. He had so many plans anyways Will go here and will go there. Very good! Hmm?

What do you do in America? I have done graduation … Will get an admission in masters when I go back. I am doing a sales girl job in a shop there. Sales girl? Hmm. In a shop? Yeah! Why do you need to do a job ...? Naveed Uncle is quite … Oh yes, that’s my Dad’s money. I want to earn it on my own. In America, every person works. It doesn’t happen there that one person in the family earns and the rest of the family eats. The young people over there, earn money for their education and marriage themselves. yunhi episode 8 is aired on Hum TV Drama.

Really? Yeah! Over here, parents do everything. Education, engagement, everything. Are you engaged? No … But I will soon get married. Really? With whom? The one I like. Who would you get married to? Me …? I And why didn’t Iqbal get married up till now? Aunty … Hmm. As if I was about to tell something. Ok, go and see who is at the door? Grandfather will get upset if I will go.  Really? I hope she understood yunhi episode 8 is very interesting and you will see lots of new things in it.

Yunhi Episode 7 Story

Yunhi’ is a romantic drama serial directed by Muhammad Ehteshamuddin, featuring the versatile Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf in lead roles. The serial tells the story of Dawood, a simple-minded man, and Kaneez Fatima, a strong-headed woman, who come from the same cultural background but have grown up in different societies.

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