Khan was appearing in court on corruption
charges, which he said were politically motivated. The footage showed dozens of
paramilitary forces in armored vehicles arresting Mr. Khan as he entered the
court premises and then taking him away.

He was ousted as prime minister in April
last year and has been campaigning for early elections ever since. General
elections are scheduled for the end of this year. Khan’s Pakistan
Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party has called on his supporters to protest. Within
hours of his arrest, there were reports of violence in several cities,
including Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar. Hundreds of protesters on the streets
of Islamabad have blocked a major road in and out of the capital today on 09th
May 2023 imran khan arrested by the Pakistan Rangers.

Case for which Imran Khan was arrested is the Al-Qadir University Trust

Khan was arrested for an offense related
to the Al Qadir University Trust case. Last June, the new coalition government
alleged that Khan and his wife bought land worth billions of rupees from Malik
Riaz, a major Pakistani real estate magnate, to build an educational

NAB has alleged that Khan’s PTI
government struck a deal with Riyadh that cost the national treasury more than
$239 million, in exchange for money with property developers.

People tore down road signs and parts of
overpasses, lit fires and threw stones. During the hour that the BBC was on we
did not see the police or the authorities.  The protesters said they are angry over the
arrest of Imran Khan. Farida Ruidad said that this is absolutely the straw that
broke the camel’s back. “What else can we do? What else is left in
Pakistan? We have never said a word against the army, I wish we had.”

“Let there be anarchy, let there be
chaos. Without Imran, there is nothing left in Pakistan. There is no one to
care.”  Images posted on Twitter
from Lahore showed mobs breaking into the home of a military corps commander,
destroying furniture and belongings inside. Many of the people comes in the
Faizabad to protest for Imran khan after their arrest by pak rangers.

Imran Khan Arrested Live Pak Rangers Arrest Imran Khan

Imran Khan’s arrest has ‘come as a shock’: AJ correspondent

Haider said that the Islamabad Chief
Justice expressed anger at him and said that this is an attack on the court
itself because the former prime minister was inside the court premises.

According to his lawyer, Khan was
“kicked, punched in the head, pepper sprayed” before
“paramilitary forces” took him away, he added. Protesters and Khan
supporters gathered, but Haider said “clashes” broke out between
police and Khan supporters. “We have reports of protests in every major city in
Pakistan…dozens or

Protesters are blocking a main highway in
the main port city of Karachi, Reuters reported. Supporters of former Pakistani
Prime Minister Imran Khan chant slogans during a protest following Khan’s
arrest on May 9, 2023 in Karachi, Pakistan. Reports of protests have been
received from several cities in Pakistan, including Karachi (pictured).

A statement from the Punjab Police
Inspector General said Khan’s arrest was ordered because he was accused of
“corruption and corruption.” The case involves allegations of land
allocation in the so-called Al-Qadir Trust, which is owned by Khan and his
wife, the Dawn newspaper reported. Today arrest of imran khan is going to be a
big mishap that make the Pakistani people angry and they comes to the road for

Khan, who is being held at an undisclosed
location, denies breaking any laws. In a video message filmed during a trip to
Islamabad, and released by the PTI before his arrest, Khan said he was ready
for it. He said that he come to me with the order, my lawyer will be there.
“If you want to send me to jail, I’m ready for it.” Pakistan’s Imran
Khan was surrounded by a pile of tear gas shells. Imran Khan has been the main
opposition leader since he was ousted by his opponents in Parliament a year

Imran Khan Arrested Live Pak Rangers Arrest Imran Khan

Tight security arrangements were made in
the center of the capital on the occasion of the former prime minister’s court
appearance. Dozens of cases have been filed against the Khan since he was
ousted from power. Security forces had tried to arrest him at his Lahore
residence several times before, but were prevented by his supporters, sparking
violent clashes. On Tuesday, the police blocked the roads leading to Islamabad,
so the number of followers of Imran Khan was not as large as on previous
occasions, making it easy for him to be arrested. Polarized politics is tearing
Pakistan apart. Khan’s tumultuous court issued the summons in 60 seconds. The
cricketing hero goes bold as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was elected
prime minister in 2018 but resigned from Pakistan’s powerful army. After a
series of defections, he lost his majority in Parliament. He was ousted after
losing a confidence vote in April 2022, four years into his term.

Since then, he has been a vocal critic of
the country’s government and military.  In
October he was disqualified from holding public office, accused of falsifying
details of gifts from foreign dignitaries and the proceeds of his alleged
sales.  The following month, he narrowly
escaped a gun attack on his convoy during a protest march. On Monday, the army
warned him not to make “unfounded accusations” after he again accused
a senior officer of plotting to kill him.

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