In the drama serial Tere Ishq Ke Naam Episode 12
you will see that  you or you had felt
bad because of me, then please forgive me I don’t have a heart anymore a person
who is buried, then how can we iscuss their wounds? don’t waste your time a
person is not so weak that an accident can take away the ability to laugh &
live its life so why are you showing yourself so weak? your heartbeat is saying
that you are still alive the days are yours, the nights are yours the time is
yours what’s the big deal if a person has left you in the middle of nowhere your
steps are still with you you hadn’t discussed love the things you have
mentioned are incomplete without love these are all happens in Tere Ishq Ke
Naam Episode 12.

Its very easy to repeat the things written in
the book but when a person gets hurt then he gets to know its reality I wish…
I wish you can understand it someday the pain of incomplete love an incomplete
love is a person’s biggest strength, Rutba I wish you can understand this as
well I’m leaving bye! do take very good care of yours & uncle

your most precious thing is still with you mom
yes uncle had left in so much of anger I fear, what if he took my name over
there then Altamash will never talk to me again Azka, you don’t need to worry
or get scared at all it was very important that Altamash shouldn’t contact
Rutba by any means Tere Ishq Ke Naam Episode 12 is very interesting and you
will see lots of thrill in it.


How is Rutba now? Arfa had told me about her
condition I felt so restless after hearing about it I don’t understand that
they didn’t pity a bit while doing so much of injustice to that orphan girl and
Altamash!  ow can he be so cruel my own
sister can be so heartless! Ronaq, do you remember you had married Mazara’s son
without our father’s consent & permission yes brother, but its such an old
matter then why are discussing it now? our father has disinherited you, and he
has ordered that none of the family member will meet you in their entire life

not they will see your face it was me, this is
the latest episode of this dramas serial and it is aired on ary digital.   


Zaviyar Naumaan Ijaz

Hiba Bukhari

Usama Khan

Yashma Gill

Jamal Shah

Nida Mumtaz

Arisha Razi Khan

Nadia Afghan

Sajid Shah

Munazzah Arif

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