In the drama serial Ehraam-e-Junoon
Ep 24 you will see that
I didn’t even want to take the car from Shanzay, but she forced me saying that
this is your wedding gift. Hey child, has that girl ever stopped earlier, when
someone told her not to, that she would have stopped now. Anyway, we are being
burdened under her favours. Mama, if Shani finds out, he will not like it,
right? His anger is justified. But now if Shanzay handed it over to you
forcefully, then what fault do you have in this? Will you tell Shani? yes, yes.

will talk to him. I will make him understand. You know, Shanzay is really good,
mama. Even if she had not come to the wedding, what would she have lost? She is
from such a big home. Everyone was asking about her.

is a really good child, everyone was saying who this child is? Did aunt mind? When
I told her that Shani went to drop Shanzay, then Sajila didn’t like it at all. What
does Sajila get happy with, mama? Anyway.
Ehraam-e-Junoon Ep 24 is very interesting in which Shanzay,
has done a lot of favours on us, and we will have to repay these favours.

Ehraam-e-Junoon Ep 24 Review

convince Shani to marry Shanzay. Shani, understands well that he can only repay
her favours, by doing this. But he is sitting with his eyes closed. So mama,
you open his eyes. Sajila will make him taka care of her tantrums, and she
still wont be happy. Why does he not understand? Mama, how do you like a brand
new car standing outside your home?

were underestimating your son a lot. You thought I missed the opportunity. But
see, how smart I was, I got the car and also my respect got saved. MashaAllah.
MashaAllah. Now I can proudly say that my son is really smart.  These are thing are occur in
Ehraam-e-Junoon Ep 24. At least, now those people cannot
say that we asked for the car, they gave us this car with their happiness. Okay,
now you have to be careful, you have to give a lot of love to my wife. You
know, you have to take care of her. Really? Now you will tell us?

take me around in this car first. I am telling you, I will go first. I would
say, I will take you around right now. I will drop you at your in-laws as well,
and I will also take you around. Mama, the same thing again. Brother is in such
a hurry to drop me at my in-laws. He is joking. Khawar, tell me something, that
Nadia’s friend, she seemed to be from an affluent home.
Ehraam-e-Junoon Episode 24  is aired on
Monday 24th July 2023.  

Ehraam-e-Junoon Ep 24 aired date

don’t break like this, child. If one relation breaking makes another relation,
then it is better for the old relation to break. Are you in your senses? By the
way, mama, aren’t these throwing too many tantrums? You know what they should
have done is she should have asked her son at night, and aunt should have given
us a date. Hey, they have become rich.  hey are seeing everything
fresh, they will be a little arrogant. By the way, mama, thank God we didn’t
end the proposal out of haste. Yes, I will thank God and why wont I? Let me
loving daughter in law come to this home. Mama, great. You are speaking of her
really lovingly, loving daughter in law. I pray to God she proves herself to be
worthy of this. Where were you for so long? I was outside with my friends.
Mama… Yes? I have told all friends that we will have the wedding a celebration,
everyone get ready, everyone has to come. Everyone be ready. You make these
imaginative plans later, tell me, after we came back, did you talk to Nadia?
Ehram e junoon Ep 24 aired on 24th July 2023.

Ehraam-e-Junoon Cast

Abbas as Shani

Muneer as Shanzay

Khan as Sajeela

Aslam as Kamran

Zaidi as Kulsoom

Khan as Nadiya

Qayoom as Samiya

Sameer as Khawar

Khan as Jugnu

Farooqui as Farzana

Nadeem as Shakeela

Bukhari as Shazia

Rizwan as Faiq

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